Family Home Evening

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When you click on a link, and you're taken to an activity/picture on you often have to scrool down a little to find the activity. Have fun. Conny Hillgaard

A time capsule Friend Jun 1992

Activities & Games Family Home Evening Resource Book

Alphabet Grid Challenge Family Home Evening Resource Book 

Ancestors by Shauna Gibby,
Articles of Faith Matching Game Friend Feb 2003
AoF # 1 online
Apostle game online
Apostle memory game online


Believing, in Jesus Christ Friend April 2003
Becoming More Like Jesus Friend April 1984

Buzz session Family Home Evening Resource Book 

Blessings Tree  Friend Nov 2004

My Baptism Book Friend May 1996

Christmas bells by Barbara Pratt

Christmas program by Barbara Pratt

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Was Organized Friend Apr 2001



Christmas bells by Barbara Pratt

Christmas, I am grateful for the birth of the Savior Friend Dec.2005 suggestion # 3

Christmas program by Barbara Pratt

"Come, Come, Ye Saints", skit Friend Jul 1983
Conference Oct 2004: They Spoke to Us  Friend Dec 2004

Church leaders, bio of Deseret News online



Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Mastery Taboo from 

Dance & Drama Family Home Evening Resource Book



Easter program adapted from the Family Home Evening Resource Book lesson 36

Easter by Joanna Henriksen, Norway
Emergency telephone numbers Family Home Evening Resource Book


Faith, A Shield of Friend Aug. 2004 lessons for a hole year
Family Home Evening for a hole year, online
FHE: Homemade Summers 21 suggestions Ensign June 1974
Family Home Evening with young children 21 suggestions unknown
Flannel Board Sunday Box Friend Nov 1983
FHE The Pratt Family's homepage, many ideas
It's Family Fun Time! Ensign Aug 1972
Family Night Discovery Friend Jan 1984
+101 Family history activities by Linda Mahood Morgan
Family Home Evening Quick Tips from 

Family Home Evening in a jar, 43 suggestions by Sharlene

Family Home Evening poem Friend Feb 2003 *

Family Home Evening in a jar  by Conny Hillgaard

Family Home Evening in a jar 129 suggestions

Family Home Evening: 15 suggestions  unknown

First Presidency and Qurorom of the 12, names of them by Alicia Larsen

Family Home Evening for couples unknown

Family Home Evening for singles unknown

Family Home Evening Ideas Friend Feb 2003
Family Home Evening Ideas Friend March 2003

Road to a Happy Family Friend May 2002

Family Treasure Friend Jul 2000

Forgiveness 3 stories from Friend

Family Night Treasure Hunt Friend Aug 1997

FHE idea Friend Aug 2003
FHE idea Friend Sept 2003


The Gospel is restored Friend Feb 2003
Games for Long Trips Friend Aug 1990
My Goals, 2006 Friend Jan, 2006


Halloween Party Fun Friend Oct 1991
Happy Hearts Club Friend Feb 2003
Happiness  Friend Feb 2003
Hinckleys 6 BE's and Teens unknown
Honesty Family Home Evening Resource Book p. 194

Honesty misc links

History: Have a 1776 Family Home Evening Friend, July 1976


15 ideas for FHE games unknown

International Foods quiz Friend Jan 1991

Jesus. walking Where Jesus Walked game board Friend Feb 2003


Jesus Christ, Believing in Friend April 2003
Write a journal ~ now unknown
710 suggestions on what to write in your journal

Journal in a jar by Hollyday organizer

Journal, How do we write a journal? 95 Journal Jar ideas for senior children by Mishelle Larsen

Journal, How do we write a journal? 24 Journal Jar ideas for younger children by Mishelle Larsen

Journals Are Important! Friend Jan 1987

Journal Page Friend Jan 2002

Journal Page Friend Feb 2002

Journal Page Friend Mar 2002

Journal Page Friend Apr 2002

Journal Page Friend May 2002

Journal Page Friend Jun 2002

Journal Page Friend Jul 2002

Journal Page Friend Aug 2002

Journal Page Friend Sep 2002

Journal Page Friend Oct 2002

Journal Page Friend Nov 2002

Journal Page Friend Dec 2002

Me Keep a Journal? Friend Jan 1987

Journal page: Congratulations! You've read the Book of Mormon Friend Dec 1988 (award)

Jacob and Esau Friend Oct 1994 

Journal, in a jar for adults by Sego lily





Learning fun for infants and todlers Family Home Evening Resource Book

Luke/Matthew Cookie Review from 

Love, family Friend April 1983

Love one another by Luana Willis

Love at Home Friend Sept 2004


Memory Box, Family Friend Jan. 2005
Memory: Prophets Teach Me to Strengthen My Family Friend Oct. 2004

Music appreciation Family Home Evening Resource Book 

Missionary, What can I do to be a missionary? by Terri Finney

Missionary, How to be a Primary Missionary by Gia


Nephi’s story refreshment unknown

New Testament Museum from

New Testament Scripture Mastery Jeopardy from

Number grid challenge Family Home Evening Resource Book 




Old Testament Object Clue Game from

Organized, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint was Friend


Pencil Spin Friend May 1985
Pedigree Friend, Apr. 1975

Prophets: with links to flannel-board figures Friend Jan, May, Oct 1998

Preeschoolers, fun for Family Home Evening Resource Book

Pioneer Activities Friend Jan 1997

Pioneer games online



Roleplaying Family Home Evening Resource Book


Family Home Evening Treats Friend Jan 1986
 “Banana Split” by Lysa Filcek & April Branson, in MD
Boat Salad Friend Aug 2002

Snowman Sandwich Friend Jan 2002

Amazing Apple Pancake Friend april 2001

No-Bake Bat Cookies Friend Oct 2001

Plum Cake Friend May 2001

Cookie Flowers Friend May 2000
Christmas recipies Friend Dec 1998
Kitchen Krafts- Family Night Snacks Friend Jun 1998
Scripture Cookies Friend Jan 1998
Scripture Refresher Friend Jan 1998
Frosting Friend Aug 1990
One-Pan Cake Friend Aug1990
Vegetable Burgers Friend Aug 1990
Christmas recipies Friend dec 1997
Pioneer Johnnycake Friend Feb 1997
Outdoor Barbecue Friend Aug 1988
Oat Crackers Friend Jan 1996
Candy Cane Elf Friend Dec 1991
No-Bake Thumbprint Cookies Friend Dec 1991
Peanut Butter Play Dough Friend Nov 1991
Ten-Day Friendship Cake Friend Oct 1988
Uncooked Fondant Friend Dec 1991


Scrapbook: A book about me Friend Jul 2000
Scripture Cookies by Sharon Stone
Scripture Tabu by Christy Wanlass
Scriptures, Teaching Our Children to Love the Scriptures Ensign Feb 1973
Seek the Lord Friend Jan 1985
Sunday activities 100 + unknown

Sunday Can: what to do on a Sunday Friend Jun 1996

Sunday Box Game- Fishing for Facts Friend Feb 1984


Ten Ways to Make Studying the Scriptures a Happy Family Activity Ensign Sep 1973

The prophet is a teacher by Mendi Stucki

Tithing, make a money elephant Friend April 1981

Tithing, Money box, house Friend Jun 1996 



Tic-tack-toe with 40 questions Friend Jan 1986


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