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Holly day appreciation gifts from the internet


Christmas traditions in Denmark by Conny Hillgaard
Christmas ST Friend Dec 1997, suggestion # 2
Christmas ST Friend Dec 1997, suggestion # 4
Christmas ST, The symbols of Christmas by Dottie Lima
Christmas play: A Child Is Born Ensign Dec 1973
Christmas Play: he Day There Was No Night about the people of Zarahemla Friend Dec 1978
Christmas Play: A Nativity Presentation Friend Dec 1984
Christmas Play: Two Witnesses of Jesus' Birth Friend Dec 1988
Christmas Play: Come unto Christ Friend Dec 1989
Christmas Play: Christmas in the Americas Friend Dec 2004
Christmas Play Becky
Christmas Play by Christie Wandle
Christmas Play by Heather, San Diego
Christmas Play by Terri Finney
Christmas Play unknown
Christmas Play Misc Friend
Christmas Play unknown
A Nativity Play  by Wendy Harber, Oregon
Christmas poem: First Christmas Friend Dec 1999
Chinese New Year, The Five Days of the Friend Jan 1983
Christmas Colors poem Friend, Dec. 1977

Christmas, The symbols of from different sources

Christmas: Gifts for a Newborn King Friend Dec 1992
Christmas, gifts to baby Jesus by Jill Clark
Christmas, The Prophets Testify of Jesus Christ's Birth Friend Dec 1997
Christmas Story from the Book of Mormon, play Friend Dec 1985
Manger Scene Friend Dec 1987
Christmas Matching Game Christy's Primary site
Christmas ornament bells by Conny Hillgaard
Christmas ornament stars by Conny Hillgaard
Christmas Calender/ Christmas candle by Jennifer
Christmas, calender Friend Dec 1997

No-Egg Eggnog Friend Dec 1991

My gift to Jesus  Friend, Dec 2002 suggestion # 4

Christmas recipies Friend Dec 1992

The white stocking (adapted by Carolyn Cox, Canberra)

The white stocking unknown

Candy cane, craft by Karalee McDonald
Candy cane, story behind online
Christmas, Jesus and Santa unknown
Christmas, Jesus and Santa unknown
Christmas, the man who missed by J. Edgar Park
Twelve Days of Christmas (the story behind the song) unknown
Twelve Days of Sharing Friend Dec 1990


The Beautiful Story of Easter Friend April 1979
Jeremy's Egg, What Was in Jeremy's Egg? A true story
Easter Story Friend April 1992 
He Is Risen! poem Friend April 1975
He Is Risen Friend April 1994
Palms for the Lord Friend Mar 1996

Easter, What happend in Easter by Sharon Stone

Easter ST - combined Friend Dec. 1999, songs added by Luana Willis

Easter ST combined by Elaine Del Bello
Easter ST: Greatest Tresasure by Melanie Edwards
Easter ST - combined by Serena, West Vally Ciry, UT
Easter ST by Gia

Easter by Joanna Henriksen, Norway

Easter symbols unknown

Easter program Friend Dec 1999, songs added by Luana
Easter program; Why We Rejoice Friend March 2005
Easter program adapted from FHE manual, lesson 36

Easter program adapted aften an idea from the internet

Easter program: Testimony of Easter Friend March 1986
Easter program by Amy Griffeth

Easter cookie story unknown

Easter poem: Still he walked unknown

Easter in an Egg ~ The LDS way unknown
Easter in an Egg by Keri Beauchamp, West Sacramento, CA
Easter in an Egg by Laurie Ramos, Santaquin, Utah
Easter: The Jelly Bean prayer unknown
Easter: The Jelly Bean Prayer, with scripture reference unknown
Easter: Palm Leaf by Julie Thornock
Easter: Palm Leaf misc

Easter, What does Easter mean to you? by Lisa, Idaho



Fourth of July Parade, Philadelphia's first Friend Jul 1988
Fathers day: The Mother of Father's Day Friend Jun 1986

Why do we celebrate Fathers day

Fathers day See also: "Craft and Fun"


Poem Walk a little slower, Daddy unknown


Poem My Daddy's Hands poem Friend Jun 2000

Poem When My Father Kneels to Hold Me poem, Friend Jun 2001 
Poem Daddy’s Shoes poem Friend Jun 1986

Poem Dad and Me poem Friend Jun 1992

Poem: Fathers Are Special Friend Jun 2001

Poem poem: Hugs and kisses unknown

Poem poem: Hugs and kisses unknown

Poem Gift for Daddy poem Friend Jun 1990

Poem A kiss and a Cookie unknown

Poem I Walk with Dad Friend Jun 1999

Poem/gift Cookies and Dads unknown

Poem/gift Mini Loaf of bread unknown

Poem/gift Fathers day ties (good for fatherless children) by Jana
ST Fathers day by Sheryl
ST Happy Father's Day Friend Jun 1984
Game: Father's Day Christy's Primary site
Gift Father's Day Gift: Pocket Survival Kit Friend Jun 1983

Gift Father's day stop sign Friend Jun 2001

Gift Cookie Ties Friend Jun 2000

Gift Fathers Day, suggestions online

Misc Fathers day (many ideas in FRIEND)



Puzzlin' Pumpkin Friend Oct 1980 
Halloween Maze Friend Oct 1980
Halloween, where to buy cookiecutters online


Jellybean: The Colors Of Easter unknown
Jelly Bean prayer unknown
Jelly Bean Prayer, with scripture reference unknown


Mothers day See also: "Craft and Fun"

Are We Not All Mothers? talk by Sis Shei L. Dew
Prophets talk about their mother
Craft: Flower Bouquet Gift Friend May 1985
Craft: Mothers Day Flower Necklace Friend Apr 1987
Craft: Mothers Day Flower Friend April 1988
Craft: Mothers Day, ink flower by Angela Casablanca
Craft: Mothers Day: flower pens by B-Jo in Casper, WY
  Craft: Mothers Dag: Rose
  Craft: Mothers Day: watering can
Craft: Candy flowers online
Craft: Mothers day online
Craft: Mothers Day: Hugs & Kisses Sweetheart Roses online
   Mothers Day ST: Hats off to mothers Friend May 1983, songs added by Liz, AZ
  Mothers Day ST: Hats off to mothers: Mothers Mystery Bag by Becky Taylor, Utah

Mothers Day ST by Amy Bowden

Mothers Day ST: handtowel with handprints by Jill, UT
Mothers Day ST: How my mother blesses my life by Melissa Kimball, Lubbock, TX
Mothers Day ST: (info about Hinckley's sister) by Lori
   Mothers Day ST by Sharon Stone
Poem: Mother Is a Gardener Friend May 1985
Poem: 6 mother day poems (goes to the flower pens ect.)
Poem: Handprints unknown
Poem: Traces unknown
Poem: From my Mommy being with me unknown

Mothers Day questionnaire adapted by some suggestions by Conny Hillgaard

Mothers Day Questionnaire adapted after an idea by Widny



A Nativity Play (by Wendy Haber, Oregon) by Wendy Harber, Oregon


Palm Leaf by Julie Thornock
Palm Leaf misc


Spooky Dinner & Games from the internet


A time capsule Friend Jun 1992

Teach the children unknown

Teach the children unknown

The white stocking unknown

The white stocking (adapted by Carolyn Cox, Canberra)



Valentine activities see under Art "N" Craft
Happy Valentine's Day (Story about Valentine's Day) Friend Feb 1982


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