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Church: The officiel site  The officiel site in Dansih This is the most important URL to know at the church's site ~ this link skips the front pages and get right into the Gospel Library search. Search the church magazines and curriculum for quotes or information on a given topic. Has clipart for sharing time ideas and New Era Posters. Download lesson text from anywhere with an internet connection. - Recently updated news site for the Church. This site's target audience is members and those friendly to the church. - Can't find that scripture? Try this fully searchable text of the standard works. Includes study helps. - The VERY cool church music site features both hymns and children's music. Download MP3s, transpose and print sheet music, learn to conduct music, or listen to music with accompaniment, choir, or in parts. - Church-owned website with information on emergency preparedness, humanitarian projects, welfare services, and employment. - has information on the Church's schools and education. - Looking for gospel study help? The official site of the Church Education System has the newest seminary manuals and BYU religion manuals online. Also has updates on the next CES fireside. - Look up information in the IGI and Personal Ancestral File online. Also has links to download PAF software. - where to send your non-member friends. View interactive movie clips on a variety of topics including the purpose of life, families. and death. Features virtual pass-along cards and a meetinghouse locator. - the full Church Distribution Catalog online. Buy everything from DVDs to scriptures or from garments to New Era Posters . - This is the official church history site of the Church. Has information on the church's museums, historic sites, and the church archives. - See photos of every temple completed and those under construction. Download high resolution images for your lessons or handouts. - This is the site set up by the church for media personnel, but it has lots of information members will enjoy. Find facts and statistics about the church in your area, read headlines from all over the US mentioning the church, read mistakes in the news, and search for pictures and biographies of church leaders past and present. - The Home and Family section of the Church's website features the Gospel Art Picture Kit online and lots of quick and easy Family Home Evening Lessons. - Learn about church-approved giving opportunities beyond fast offering and tithing. The LDS Foundation is run by the Presiding Bishopric. You can make online donations, and they even send thank you letters with an invitation to Welfare Square. (It's worth noting that this site had updated information about the Church's efforts with tsunami relief well before did.) - Has an interactive map of tourism locations in the United States. - The Church Service Missionary website has lots of information on service missions for couples and single adults honorably excused from serving a full time mission. - has an institute locator with contact information and calendar functionality. - Have you been assigned a scripture for a talk topic? Find every General Conference talk that has ever used that scripture here -- very easy to use.,15917,4008-1,00.html Church off. templewebsite


Other Temple websites:


Cub scouts: For Cub Scouts Leaders  It has lots of info, links, and the Cub scout, Den Leader Fast Start Training Online! LDS Scouting resource 


Scrapbooking, Scout: halloween 


Primary Lists: NEW primarylist for music list is to exchange ideas, ask questions about running Nursery as part of Primary  For LDS members, Primary leaders , teachers (ideas related to Music tips/helps/ideas)  For LDS Primary leaders, teachers, parents, (exchanging ideas for Primary Sharing Times)  For Primary Music Leaders in the LDS church. Share singing time ideas or tips in teaching songs.    for ward choir directors and other music personals  Stake Leaders.


Music list ldschoir    for ward choir directors and other music personals


Music Primary : Children's Songbook MIDI Page


Sign Languages (ASL): the alphabet in sign language


Primary Homepages Jenny Smith's homepage Lis Liz Nicholls homepage Christy's Primary/YW/RS Whitney Larson's homepage here you can buy charts for CS


Homepage, misc:

Temple molds all kind of games and more... lots of coloring pages and more...


Children sites: bible story pictures to color  pictures to color, everything fun, misc The coloring collection bible story pictures to color coloring collection


Relief Society: (This list has been created to provide a forum for sisters serving in the Relief Society organization of the LDS church) This group is a gathering for all LDS sisters in a Homemaking Calling. The new name is Home, Family and Personal Enrichment Leader.   You can be an HFPE Leader, Home Management Teacher, 2nd Counselor, Relief Society President, or just here to help with ideas.  pictures of all RS prs.

YW transition to RS Questionaire by Jan web-site for Enrichment leaders


Free projects: Free Sewing Projects Free Craft Patterns All Free Craft Patterns Free Quilt Patterns  (heirloom bonnet)


Food Storage/cookbooks online:

Tin Can Cooking Ensign June 1974
The Security of a Food Supply Ensign April 1972
Let's Make Dried Fruit Leather Ensign June 1972  pancake in a jar cookiecutter, lds misc cokkiecutters recipies shop online a year program....

Pinecone Magic Friend Dec 1987
How to Make a Weeder Friend May 1985
Sprouting Wheat in a Jar Friend Jan 1985
Homegrown Fun Friend Jun 1983


Gluten free:


Scottish Oat Cakes 115 ways to use tomatos


Wheat grainer: The best source for Dried beans of all kinds


Young Women: 




weeding shower games:


What would your name be on Hawaii? See here: 


Scrapbooking: Makes a page about the day a child was born downlowdable certificates *  *  *


On-line bookstores: 

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