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Notes from Workshops in Salt Lake, look under "W"=Workshop
Notes from Music Workshop in Salt Lake, look under Music



Alphabet, The Manual Friend Feb 1984
A 14 day walk with Christ from Christy's homepage
A 14 day walk with Christ from Christy's homepage
Alphabet, The Deseret Friend Jul 1985

American Sign Language online

A friend unknown

A new year is comming combined by many suggestions by Conny Hillgaard

Assignment wristbands from Jenny Smith homepg.

A Strong Woman Versus A Woman Of Strength unknown

Apostles, Fate of Christ 12 Apostles online

Article of Faith motivator unknown

Andersen, Hans Christian. Fairy tales and stories

ASAP Poem unknown

Adversity unknown

Award: You've read the Book of Mormon Friend Dec 1988

Ants,The story of the unknown



Primarys 125 year broardcast extract from Desseret New Sunday February 9, 2003)
Baptism bag: Items in a bag or small box 01 shared by Jennifer Lefftler

Baptism bag: Items in a bag or small box 02 unknown

Baptism bag: Items in a bag or small box 03 unknown

Baptism Bag: Items in a bag or small box 04 by Keri in California

Baptism talk by Heather Matthews

Bookmark, How to make a unknown

Baptism Socks by Penny Judkins

Baptism towel Idoxray

Baptism towel poem Donna Gabriel

Bible Puzzel unknown

Birthday coupons by Kim Bode in Champaign Third Ward, Illinois

Birthday, Relief Society! Friend Mar 1992

Bee, buttons where to buy online

Babysitting, Kit Friend March 1983

Babysitting, gather a kit from the internet

Bath Salts and Bath Oil recipes 01 online

Bath Salts and Bath Oil recipes 02 online

Benjamin Franklins 13 principles by Steve Allen



Primary conference workshop, look under WORKSHOP

Pictures of the leaders in the LDS chruch

Candy Cane Bath Salt ~ gift in a jar online

Candy molds, temple and more 01 Erin in Northwestern Ontario Canada

Candy wrappers online

Christ, portrayal of the Savior in a play from TNGC
Child's talk, How to prepare a childs talk FRIEND Jul 1986
Child's talk, How to prepare a childs talk SLC March 2000
Chair covers by Margo Mead

Childs talk, how to make a talk

Churchs Official Name

3rd counselor

Conference Questionnaire by Melanie in Texas

Conference Messages, What did I learn Friend April 2003
"Come, Come, Ye Saints", skit Friend Jul 1983

CTR ring, story behind

CTR stich  Friend Juli 1999 

Cracked pot, story of unknown

Cleaning products, Make your own online

Chinese calender: What Year Were You Born? Friend, Sept. 1973

Christmas Herritage By Dana Mann, Barbara Mayfield, Kim Mayfield and Donna Kay Allegood

Christmas Skit, Women at Christ's birth Unknown

Christmas skit Relief Society Unknown

Church leaders, bio of Deseret News online

Crem Bath Salt in a jar online

Clothing of the 1870s Friend Jun 1978
Conference ideas by Jennifer 

Cooking, outdoor Friend Aug 1997

Cooking, pioneer Friend July 1997





Decision, How to make a good Prs. Hinckley
Dollor, The story about the Dollor bill by Carol
Dismissing classes

Display, Open House what to show combined by suggestions by Dawn & Terri Finney



Everything I ever needed to know, I learned in Primary by Nona Crowe

Emergency Phone Numbers unknown

Example, Be a good example notes by Sally Jensen, UT froman area Primary meeting

Emma Smith's garden party skit Unknown
Emergency Sharing Time, The life of Jesus Christ Unknown


Faith, poem: May you have poem written to Prs. Harold B. Lee
Faith: Whisperings play Friend Jul 1987
Fairy tales and stories by Hans Christian Andersen online

Fifty fun things to do on a Sunday unknown

Flannel board, how to make by Sandy, Ohio

Flannel box, made of a Pizzabox (by Cheli Ferguson)

Food in Primary Church handbook pg. 239
Fortune Cookies Friend Feb 1985

Fortune cookies 5 suggestions look also under recipie

Friendship fudge unknown, look also under recipie

Friendship, The color of poem Unknown

Flower pens by B-Jo in Casper, WY

Flower Talk Friend May 1986

Food storage, A year suppley by Karla Cervantez

Food storage 5 Doller a week unknown

Food storage: Stow-it-plan unknown

Food storage Shelves Utah University

For I am Mary, skit corrected 11/15/1999 By Elenor Anderson

Foodstorage Shelves.pdf by Utah State University

Foodstorage letter Jan 2002

Friend: Happy 25th Birthday! 1971-1996 Friend Jan 1996

Fourteen Ways to Be a Friend Friend Feb 1996



Games and physical education link

GIA Goal ideas by Terri Finney, Ft. Worth TX

GIA: Letter to parents by Michelle Larsen

GIA: Article of Faith motivator unknown, shared by Lisa Hall

Gift Jar Recipes Christy's Primary site
Gospel Art Kit list of pic. on www.lds.org 
Gospel in Action Twiester unknown
115 Game ideas by Jennifer 


Halloween, where to buy cookiecutters online

Our Heritage of Hymns skit New Era Nov 1995

Handicapped: Say It with Pictures Friend Aug 1988
Handbook review game by Tasha Reeves

Handkerchief Doll Friend July 1992

Holiday and conference ideas by Jennifer 


Inactive children 01 attention getter at board meeting

Inactive children 02 unknown

Inactive children 03 unknown

Inactive children 04 unknown

Inactive children, 05 27 ideas from the internet

Inactive children, 06 misc ideas from the internet

We miss you-cards 33 suggestions Unknown

If Jesus Came To Your House unknown

"Interview" children before they leave Primary Terri Finney in Ft Worth TX

Ice cream look under recipie

I'll serve the Lord, poem Unknown

Ideas for helping Young Women make the transition to Relief Society by Susan Gail Parker

Increased spirituality unknown

Israel's Foods and Festivals Friend, Apr. 1974


Jelly Bean Prayer unknown
Journal in a jar 117 suggestions 01 unknown

Journal in a jar 95 suggestions for Sr & 25 suggestions for Jr 02 by Mishelle Knuteson
Journal Page Friend Jan 2002
Journal Page
Friend Feb 2002
Journal Page Friend Mar 2002
Journal Page
Friend Apr 2002
Journal Page Friend May 2002
Journal Page Friend Jun 2002
Journal Page Friend Jul 2002
Journal Page Friend Aug 2002
Journal Page Friend Sep 2002
Journal Page
Friend Oct 2002
Journal Page
Friend Nov 2002
Journal Page
Friend Dec 2002



Love poem Friend Feb 1984

Love knot, swedish online

Life instruction manual, story unknown

Little rea Hen new Call unknown



The Mustard-seed teacher Liahona June 1995
Missionary care packag by Tasha Reeves

Missionary boxes unknown

Mission Callings to Primary Children Friend, Oct. 1999, 37

Murder Mystery Dinner, skit unknown

The Mule in the Well unknown

Music: To lead is to teach notes taken at the Fall 2002 workshop in Salt Lake City, by Judy Weber

The Novice and the master unknown

My Three White Dresses by Linda Gay Perry Nelson


Names, Hebrew Friend, Apr. 1974
Name, What's in a Name? (China) Friend Jul1974

Name Tags to Primary Children Friend, Oct. 1999, 37

Nourishing yourself body by Claudia parker



Open House Display: What to show combined by suggestions by Dawn & Terri Finney

Outdoor Cooking Friend Aug 1997



Party: Blue and Gold Award by unknown
Permission slips by Debbie Myers, ID
Phonenumer for Salt Lake office
Pizzabox, to flannelboard pictures by Cheli Ferguson
Point of view unknown

Prayer, My kirtchen prayer unknown

Prayer rock, poem unknown

Prayer soap, poem unknown

Prophet spotlight unknown

Primary, The origin of Primary from misc places
Primary Talk Friend April 2003

Primary Pharmacy by LeAnne in Calgary Canada

Primary Open House Display: What to show combined by suggestions by Dawn & Terri Finney

Parable of the Popcorn unknown

Primary, Did you ever compare your Primary service to silverware? unknown

Paper making, tin cans online

Pioneer Games online

Pioneer bonnet patterns online

Picture Correlation Chart for Gospel Art Kit adapted by anotherone

Prayer Rug poem, unknown
Prayer Rug the story, unknown
Pioneer Cooking Friend July 1997
Poem, The Pumpkin story (+ poem) unknown
Poem, God said: "NO" unknown


Quatations by....


Rationbar, survival homemaking.com
Reverence by Terry (training meting in Rapid City by Sister Matsumori)

Regional Primary training meeting notes tagen by Carrie

How to make a rice bag   Online

How to make a rice bag   Online
How to make a rice bag   Online
Ricebag poem by Unknown

A relaxation class 01 by Belinda Orth


Surprise Thankful Parfait Friend Nov. 2003
Mormon Johnny cake Friend Jul 1978
Irish Dinner Friend March 1984
Get Ready for Your Mission --Learn to Cook! Friend Aug 1986
Quick Camping Treats Friend Jul 1986 
Creative Campfire Cooking! Friend Jul 1985

Outdoor Cooking Friend Aug 1997

Pioneer Apple Candy Friend Dec 1992

Pioneer Cooking Friend July 1997

Pioneer Recipes Friend, July 1975
  • Buttermilk Doughnuts: President Brigham Young enjoyed this pastry
  • Apple Candy
  • Bread and Milk: President Wilford Woodruff often fixed this dish.
  • Old-Fashioned Muffins
  • Horseshoe Cookies
  • Johnnycake: A favorite dish of the Prophet Joseph Smith.
  • Washboard Cookies
  • Toasted Spice Cake
  • Pioneer Hardtack
Recipies from Australia Friend Jul 1989
Recipes from Australia Friend Jul 1971
Recipes from Austria Friend, June 1972
Recipes from Argentina Friend, July 1972
Recipes from Brazil Friend, June 1973
Recipes from the British Isles Friend, Aug. 1971
Recipes from Bolivia Friend, Oct. 1971
Recipes from Canada Friend, March. 1972
Recipes from Chile Friend, Apr. 1971
Recipes from Denmark Friend, Mar. 1973
Recipes from Finland Friend, Jan. 1972
Recipes from France Friend, June 1971
Recipies from Germany Friend, Dec. 1971
Recipies from Ireland Friend, March 1971
Recipes from Korea Friend, Nov. 1972
Recipes from Mexico Friend, June 1971
Recipes from New Zealand Friend, Feb. 1972
Recipes from Norway Friend, Aug. 1971
Recipes from the Netherlands Friend, Apr. 1971
Recipes from Peru Friend, Jan. 1973
Recipes from the Philippines Friend, May 1973
Recipies from Singapore Friend April  1981
Recipes from Switzerland Friend, Dec. 1972

Recipes from Scotland Friend May 1989

Recipes from Spain Friend, Apr. 1973
Recipes from South Africa Friend, April. 1972
Recipes from Thailand  Friend, September 1972
Recipes from Tonga Friend, October 1972
Candy Cane Cookies Friend Dec 1992
Peanut Butter-Raw Apple Cookies Ensign Dec 1972
Mincemeat Cookies Ensign Dec 1972
Oatmeal-Banana Cookies Ensign Dec 1972
Raisin Bars Ensign Dec 1972

Christmas Punch Friend Dec 1994

Christmas Cookies around the World Friend, Dec 1973

Christmas recipies Friend Dec 1992

Snowflake Cookies Friend Dec 1997

Crunch bars Friend July 1992

Pasta pizza Friend July 1992

Sweet and Sour dip Friend July 1992

Halloween Party Friend Oct 1978 

Pumpkin Pie Cake Friend Nov 1990

Pumpkin Shake Friend Oct 1990

Spooky Snacks Friend Oct 1990

Cereal and Fruit Snack Friend Dec 1994

Christmas Cream Puffs Friend Dec 1992

Recipies for dog/cat food online

prophet favorite Friend Jul 1995

3 Specie Cocoa recipes shared by gwfreddy

Brownies in a jar shared by Cindee, Alta Loma, CA

Chocolate Chip Cookies in a jar shared by Cindee, Alta Loma, CA

Chocolate popcorn shared by gwfreddy

Pizza: Foot-long Friend Feb 1971

Panes bread online

Fortune cookies 5 suggestions online

Fortune Cookies Friend Feb 1985

Friendship fudge unknown

Homemade Ice cream online

How to make icecream in a ziplock online

Scripture Cookies FRIEND Jan 1998

Scripture Cookies Friend Aug 1989

Survival Bar unknown

Survival Bar from the internet

M&M cookie mix, gift i a jar online

White chocolate macadamia nut cookie mix, gift i a jar online

Oat Crackers Friend Jan 1996

No-Egg Eggnog Friend dec 1991

Turkey Macaroni-and-Cheese Casserole Friend Nov 1988
Pineapple-Banana Gelatin Friend Nov 1988
Make-in-the-Pan Cakes Friend Jan 1985
Popovers Friend Nov 1988


Santa Vs. Jesus (unknown)

American Sign Language online

Scripture Dinner unknown
Scripture Journals Leigh Bullock, in Enoch

Swedish love knot online

Spotlighting children by Tammy, Thousand Oaks, CA
Spotlight a child by Myrna, Idaho

Six Honest Serving men unknown

Still he walked unknown

Scripture first aid unknown

Sponge poem unknown

Straw, the last unknown

Sunday activities 100 + unknown

Strength Vs. Courage unknown

Scripture cake look under Recipie

Scripture Cookies Friend Aug 1989

Scripture cookies look under Recipie

Service projects 8 ideas by Vicki, Suzy, Sara, Elayn Dahl, Sallie Shelton, Ann, Kimberli T., & Debbie

Scripture candle lights the way unknown

Smith, Mary Fielding Friend July 1993

Stories that teach misc stories


Talent, Everyone has a talent quotation from prophets

Talk, How to prepare a childs talk FRIEND Jul 1986
Talk, How to prepare a childs talk SLC March 2000
Testinomy, how to get one by Terri Finney, TX
Testimony meetings and small children Letter of Policy and Annoucement May 2. 2002
Testimony and small children Ensign, Aug. 2004, 25
Teacher binders combined by many suggestions by Conny Hillgaard
Teach the Children unknown
"Teacher talk" session by Shauna
Testimony, how to get one by Susan L. Watner

The Jelly Bean prayer unknown

The Symbols of Christmas collected by Lynne, Newmark CA

Things to do before a new year in Primary combined by many suggestions by Conny Hillgaard

Twelve Days of Christmas unknown

How to give a talk by Terry (training meting in Rapid City by Sister Matsumori)
Talk, Helping Children Learn to Give Talks Ensign March 1999

Talk, How to prepare a childs talk Friend Jul 1986

Talk, Primary Talk, with pictures Friend Apr 2003
Talk, How give a Primart talk by Shauna
Have a Treasure Hunt Friend Oct 1981
The wemmicks Max Lucado

Transition from Primary to YW interview by Terri Finney in Ft Worth TX

The little red hen  unknown



VT sketch unknown

VT sketch: Touched by an angel Unknown

Valentines from the Heart Friend Feb 1993



Being Wealthy story, unknown

Women in The Scriptures (Old Testament) unknown

Women in the Scriptures ABC by Belinda Schneider

Workshop: Training meeting with Sis. Padock by angela

Walk with Christ, A 14 Days unknwon

Walk with Christ, A 14 Day from Christy's homepage

Wrappings misc suggestions online

Women at Christ's birth, Christmas skit Unknown

Waste of time Unknown

Working, poem Unknown

Whisperings, (about Faith) play Friend Jul 1987
Wearing white in activities part of an official letter

White Christmas, a gift to Jesus Theme:Temples & family history, (collected by Cathy



YW transition to RS Questionaire by Jan

A Year suppley, foodstorage by Karla Cervantez


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