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Article of Faith


Misc Crossword, word search, mases, letter search and more.
If you want a maze, scrool down to "M"=maze


Astronomer’s Maze Friend May 1992 

Abinadi and the Ten Commandments Friend Oct 2000 

Autum, spot the difference online 

Artist at Work Friend Feb 1990 
Aminal, Sea Animal Scramble Friend Oct 1989 
Ancestor puzzle Friend March 1972
  Animals in the Scriptures Friend Nov 2004
Animals, missing Friend May 1992 
Animals around the World Friend May 1987
Across and Down Friend Feb 1990 

Books of the Bible Friend Nov 1988
Book in the Book of Mormon: Hidden Books Friend Feb 1984

Book of Mormon people Online search 

Book of Mormon Friend Mar 1989 

Book of Mormon Story Friend Jun 1988

Book of Mormon Prophets Friend Jul 1989 

Book of Mormon Crossword Puzzle Friend Aug 1987

Book of Mormon A’s Friend Aug 1992 

Book of Mormon ABC's Friend Feb 1988
Book of Mormon Letter Square Friend Jul 1989

Book of Mormon Letter Square Friend Oct 1989 

Book of Mormon Z Words Friend Apr 1989 

Book of Mormon "K" words Friend Nov 1989 

Book of Mormon Heroes Friend Aug 1992 

Book of Mormon Kings Friend Aug/Sep 1985

Book of Mormon People Friend April 1992 

Book of Mormon Names Puzzle Friend, Oct. 1975
Book of Mormon Leaders Friend Jun 1986
Book of Mormon Fancy-Letters Square Friend April 1992 

Book of Mormon People crossword Friend April 1992 

Book of Mormon Friend Jun 1987
Book of Mormon Friend, Apr. 1976
Book of Mormon: Double-Clue Crossword Friend Mar 1987

Book of Mormon Alphabet Friend Sep 1992 

Books of the Book of Mormon Friend Mar 2000 

Books of the Old Testament Friend Jan 1990

Books of the New Testament Friend Jan 1990

President Ezra Taft Benson Crossword Friend May 2001 

Benson, Ezra crossword Friend Sep 1990 
Baptism Puzzle Friend Mayrch 1977
Baptism Friend May 2000 
Baptism Word Search Friend Aug 1986

Butterfly, maze online

Bee’s Crossword Maze  Friend Sep 1998 

Bible Crossword Friend, May 1975
Bible Story Crossword Friend, May 1972
Bible Code Friend Nov 1991 
Bible People with Great Faith Friend July 2003
Biblical Plants and Things Friend Aug/Sep 1979
Biblical Fathers Friend Jun 1985
Biblical Mothers Friend May 1985
Biblical Twelves Friend March 1985
Biblical Foods Friend Nov 1985

Biblical Treasure Friend July 1995 

Book of Mormon Books Friend Oct 1996 

Book of Mormon Military Friend Aug 1996

Beatitudes Friend Apr 1991

Bible Code Friend Sep 1995 

Blessings, Restored Friend April 1988
Blessings of Primary Friend Aug 1978

Camp-out Friend Aug 1988
Cats and Dogs Friend May 1986

Creation Crossword Friend Jan 1998

Christmas, A Day, a Night, and a Day Friend Dec 1988

Christmas Tree Maze Friend Dec 1996

  Choices Maze Friend Feb 2005   
Crazy Clues Friend Aug 1994 
Creation: In the Beginning Friend Jan 1984

The Creation Friend Jan 1990 

 Christmas Word Search Friend Dec 1999

Christmas Carol Crossword Friend Dec 1999

Christmas Tree Puzzle Friend Dec 1990

Children’s Songbook Letter Square Friend Jun 1989

Children’s Songbook Crossword Puzzle Friend March 1999

Children’s Songbook Letter Square Friend Jul 1989

  Church History Matching Game Friend Aug 2005
Church Words Friend Jan 2003
Church Presidents Crossword Puzzle Friend Nov 1997

Church Presidents Crossword Puzzle Friend Apr 1999

Church Presidents Friend June 1985

Church History crossword Friend Nov 1997

Commandment Cross-Out Friend Feb 1989
Colors in the Bible Friend Nov 1985
Circle Count Friend Jun 1989 
City of Enoch Friend Dec 2004 
Cube Maze Friend Oct 1992 

Scripture Word Find: D&C 9:7 Oct 2001 Friend

Study-It-Out Letter Square (D&C 9:8) Friend Feb 2001

Doctrine and Covenants Letter Square Friend March 1993 

Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Pictures Friend March 2001
Doctrine and Covenants Friend Apr 1989 

Doctrine and Covenants ABC's Friend Oct 1989

Doctrine and Covenants letter square Friend Apr 1989

  David and Goliath dot-to-dot Friend Sept 2006
  Dot-to-dot: Who Is in the Pond? Friend APril 2005
Disciples of Christ Friend Apr 1982

Disciples, hidden (word search) Friend May 2000 

Esther, the Lovely Queen Friend, July 1972

Easter crossword Friend Apr 1990

Easter: Jesus Rose Again Friend Apr 1985

Exodus Maze Friend Feb 1990 

Eph 4:32 The Apostle Paul’s Message Friend Oct. 2003


Faith word puzle online

Faith Friend Aug 2003

Faith, My faith grows Friend Aug 1999 

Forgiveness word search online 

Family-Familia Friend Jan 1987
Family History Scripture Friend Jan 1993 
Family Togetherness Friend Feb 2000 

Family proclamation by Anne

Fathers Are Special Friend Jun 2001

First Vision Primary Manuel 5 lesson 1
Follow God’s Pathway, maze Friend Aug 2003

Follow the Prophet maze, Friend Sep 2001

Filled with Love Friend Feb 2003 

FlowersFriend May 1990

Garden Puzzle Friend Jul 1981
President Heber J. Grant Crossword Friend Jan 2002
General Authorities Friend Oct 1989 

Gratitude online

Good Shepherd online
  My Gospel Standards word seach, Friend May 2005
My Gospel Standards Friend Sept. 2004
Genealogy Word Square Friend Nov 1988
Seek and Find Friend March 1982

General Authorities, letter square Friend Oct 1989

Heart Full of Love Friend Feb 1993
Heartful of Love Friend May 2001 

Hidden Message Friend Jun 2001 

Hidden Opposites Friend Jun 1990

Head to Toe Friend July 1997

Heavenly Father’s World Friend Feb 1983

Heavenly Father’s Plan Friend Mar 1994

The Holy Ghost Crossword Puzzle Friend, Aug. 1977


Irish Shamrock Wordfind Friend March 1991

Indians, Famous Friend Nov 1988

Jaredite Kings Friend May 1987
John the Baptist Puzzle Friend May 1997

Jesus heals ~ lost sheep wordfind online

Jesus' Birth Friend Dec 1981

Jesus Christ’s Twelve Apostles Friend Apr 2001

Jesus Christ Will Come Again Friend Sep 2001

Jesus and the lepers, crossword Friend Jul 1995

John 8:12, I an the light of the world Friend Oct. 2003
Josephs Friend Jan 1997 
Joseph in Egypt Friend Feb 1990 


Keyword Maze Friend Apr 1995

Latter-day Prophets Friend April 1983

Last Word Friend Sep 1993

Lehi and Sariah’s Family Friend Jan 1986
Learn Puzzle (D&C 88:118) Friend Nov 1993 
LDS ABC Game Friend March 2000 

LDS Letter Square Friend Mar 1997

  Lost Sheep Friend Jan 2007
Love Friend Feb 2003
Luk 2: 13-14: On Earth Peace, Good Will Friend Dec 1985

Matt. 3:16 Maze, a dove Friend Aug 2003
M Is for Mormon Friend Sep 1986
  Memory-game: Remember Friend June 2007
Mountain Goat Crossword Puzzle Friend Jan 1989
Mormon Pioneers Friend July 1985

Modern Prophets Friend Jul 1989

  Find the Hidden 8s Friend June 2005

Mothers day fun online

Mosiah 1-2-8- Letter Square Friend Jun 1992 
Missionary Work Friend Jan 1981

Missionary Preparation crossword Friend Sep 2002

  I Can Be a Missionary Now puzzle Friend Nov 2005
Fox and Geese Friend Jan 1990 
Down the Tubes Friend Jan 1990 
  Maze: I will follow Gods plan for me! Friend July 2006
Maze: Find My Sheep Friend Aug. 2004
Maze: Fourth of July Parade Friend Jul 1989
Maze: Four by Four Friend March 1990
Maze; Samuel the Lamanite Friend Jul 1996
Maze, Sea Friend Jul 1992

Maze: A-maze-ing Rabbit Friend March 1991

Maze, Flowers Friend May 1991

Maze, Lost in a Friend March 1992 

Maze, Filled with Love Friend Feb 2003
Find the Gold Plates Friend Nov 1985
Maze, Bat Friend Oct 1979 
Maze: Hide-and-Seek Friend May 1993 
Maze: To Zarahemla Friend Feb 1992 
Maze: Shortcut Home Friend Oct 1989 
Maze: Sugar and Spice Friend Dec 1989
Maze: Astronomer’s Friend May 1992 
Maze, Christmas Tree Friend Dec 1996 

Maze, Thanksgiving Friend Nov 1995

Maze: Temple Preparation  Friend Oct 2002

Maze: Valentine Express Friend Feb 1996

Maze: Northland Friend Feb 1988
Maze: Sign of the Dove Friend Aug 2003
Maze: Let’s Go for a Ride Friend Sep 1993 
  Maze, frog Friend June 2005
Maze, owl Friend Oct. 2003
Maze, A-Maze-Ing! Friend May 1986
Maze, Go Fishing Friend Aug 1988
  Maze: Just Like Us Friend July 2005
  Noah’s Ark Maze Friend May 2005
Who Won? Sailboat maze Friend Jun 1986

2. Nephi 28:2 Friend Jan 1988
Nature Walk Friend May 1981
Nations of the World Friend April 1985
Happy New Year! Friend Jan 2003
New Testament Crossword Friend May 1972
New Testament Occupations Friend Sep 1991
New Testament Animals Friend Sep 1986
Name the Temple Friend Feb 1993 

Names and Titles of Jesus Christ Friend Feb 1992 

  Noah’s Ark Maze Friend May 2005
Noah's ark Crossword Friend May 1972

Noah's ark crossword Friend Jul 1977

Noah and the Ark Friend Jun 1994

Noah’s Ark Letter Square Friend Jun 1998

Noah's Ark Friend May 1986

Noah’s Ark Riddle Friend March 1990

Noah’s Ark Friend Oct 1984
Nephi Letter Square Friend Jan 1992 

Nephite Disciples Letter Square Friend Nov 1996

Nephite Money Friend Feb 1988

New Testament Books Friend Nov 1995

New Testament Letter Square Friend Jan 1995

New Testament People Friend Jul 1995 
Native American Word Cross Friend Sep 1995 
Number Puzzle Friend Aug 1994 

Obey! Friend Feb 2000 
Old Testament Names Friend Sep 1986
Old Testament Animals Friend Jul 1994 
Old Testament Alphabet Pictures Friend Aug 1994 

Books of the Old Testament Friend Jan 1990 

Old Testament Prophets Friend May 1990 

Old Testament Puzzle Friend March 1998

Old Testament People, wordfind Friend March 1998

Old Testament Matchup Friend Nov 1994

Old Testament ABC's Friend Sep 1993 

Old Testament Crossword Puzzle Friend Oct 1990

Old Testament Food Friend Nov 1994

Old Testament Women Friend Sep 1990

Obedience Friend March 1999

Olympics, Amazing Friend Jul 1984

Olympic-Flame Word Cross Friend Jul 1996

Personal History Friend Jul 1981
The Priesthood Friend May 1984

Party Path Friend Oct 1990

Places in Early Church History Friend Nov 1997

Peace Letter Square Friend Nov 1994

Parable of the Sheep/Goats  online

Parable, of the talents  online

People Who Help Friend Jul 1989 

People find Friend Aug 2000

People and Places in the Book of Mormon Friend Feb 2000 

Priesthood power  online

Puzzle, LDS online

Puzzle, Make your own online

Puzzle creation, Word hunt online

  Puzzle: Getting to Know Elder L. Tom Perry Friend July 2005

Puzzlemaker online

  Puzzle: Prayer Reminders Friend Jan 2007
Prophet color/puzzle:

Joseph Smith Friend Jan 1993 

Smith, Joseph Friend Dec 1996

John Taylor Friend Feb 1993 

Joseph F. Smith Friend May 1993 

Wilford Woodruff Friend Mar 1993 

David O. McKay Friend Aug 1993 

George Albert Smith Friend Juli 1993 

Harold Bingham Lee Friend Oct 1993 

Heber J. Grant Friend Juni 1993 

Joseph Fielding Smith Friend Sep 1993 

Lorenzo Snow Friend April 1993 
Spencer W. Kimball Friend Nov 1993 
Ezra Taft Benson Friend Dec 1993
Prophet crossword:
President Joseph Fielding Smith Crossword Friend Jan 2001 
President David O. McKay Crossword Friend Feb 2001 
President Heber J. Grant Crossword Friend Jan 2002 
President Joseph Smith Crossword Friend Feb 2002 
President Lorenzo Snow Crossword Friend Mar 2002
President George Albert Smith Crossword Friend Apr 2001 
President Ezra Taft Benson Crossword Friend Aug 1988 
President Ezra Taft Benson Crossword Friend May 2001 
President Wilford Woodruff Crossword Friend Jun 2001 
President Brigham Young Crossword Friend Jul 2001 
President Joseph F. Smith Crossword Friend Aug 2001
President Spencer W. Kimball Crossword Friend Sep 2001 
President Gordon B. Hinckley Crossword Friend Oct 2001 

President Gordon B. Hinckley, crossword Friend Oct 1995

President Howard W. Hunter Crossword Friend Nov 2001 
President Harold B. Lee Crossword Friend Dec 2001 
Prophet, misc:
Latter-day Prophets Matching Game Friend Nov. 2003
Priesthood Word Square Friend Aug/Sep 1981

President Gordon B. Hinckley dot-to-dot Friend Feb 2001

Life obligations - Prs. Hinckley  01 online

Life obligations - Prs. Hinckley 02 online

  Promised Blessings Friend April 2006
Prophets ABC Friend Jun 1995
  Prophets, Fifteen Friend March 2006

President Crossword Puzzle Friend Nov 1997

Prophets, Latter-day (Match pictures with facts) Friend Oct 1995

Prophets, Latter-day (Word Search) Friend Apr 1983

Prophet Connections Friend Oct 1986

Presidents of the Church Maze Friend March 2001

Prophet Puzzle Friend Jan 1997

Prophet Connections Friend Okt. 1986
  Prophet match, Fifteen Prophets Friend March 2006

Which Prophet (rebus) Friend Jan. 1993 

Which Prophet (rebus) Friend Feb. 993 

Which Prophet (rebus) Friend Marts 1993 

Which Prophet (rebus) Friend Apr. 1993 

Which Prophet (rebus) Friend Maj 1993 

Which Prophet (rebus) Friend Jun. 1993 

Which Prophet (rebus) Friend Jul. 1993 

Which Prophet (rebus) Friend aug. 1993 

Which Prophet (rebus) Friend Sep. 1993 

Which Prophet (rebus) Friend Okt. 1993 

Which Prophet (rebus) Friend Nov. 1993 

Prophet Puzzle Friend Jan 1997 

Queen Esther Friend May 1986

Queen Esther Friend May 1994


Reads the Same Friend Oct 1998

Reverent Letter Square Friend Nov 1992

Round and Round Friend July 1992


Sabbath day, keeping holy online

Sunday Friend Apr 1987
Summer Fun Friend Jun 1989
Salt Lake Temple, puzzle Friend Nov 1990 
  The Still, Small Voice Friend Aug 2005
The Sacrament Friend Apr 1993 

Sacrament Friend Aug 2000

Sheep and goats online

Scripture Heroes: under Funstuf; Friend Aug 2007

Scriptural Fathers Friend Jun 1986

Scripture Word Find: D&C 9:7 Oct 2001 Friend

Scripture Numbers Friend April 1985

Scriptures, handful of Friend Oct 

Scripture Sums Friend Jul 1993 

Scripture Road Signs Friend Oct 1993 

Scripture Letter Square Friend Mar 1996

Shortcut Home Friend Oct 1989

Joseph Smith Writes About the Church AoF 1:1 Friend Feb 2003 *
Spy Message Friend Oct 1998 *
  Funstuf- Do You Know the Smith Family? Friend June 2007
Smith, George Albert Smith Crossword Friend Apr 2001
Seek and Ye Shall Find Friend Oct 1988
Sugar and Spice Friend Dec 1989 


Talents, parable of the  online

The Old West Friend Jul 1986
Tabernacle Pairs Friend Jul 1994 
Trees Friend Jan 1990 

The Good Shepherd Friend March 2002 

  Temples of the World Friend, Apr. 21006
Temple Work Friend, Apr. 1975

Temple ABCs Friend Sep 1993 

Temple Work Friend May 1979

Tulip Country Friend Feb 1990 

Toy chest Crosswords Friend March 1992 

The First and the Last Friend Oct 2000 

Travel Game Friend Aug 1994 
The Twelve Apostles Friend April 1984
The Twelve Disciples Friend Aug 1988
Transportation Friend March 1983
Templet, An Important Place Friend March 2006

Temple Crossword Friend Aug 2002

  Temple word search, An Important Place Friend March 2006

Temple mobile Friend Jun 1993

Trees in Hiding Friend Oct 1990

Twelve Tribes of Israel Friend Aug 1990

Vegetable Letter Square Friend Nov 1990

Through the Squares Friend Jan 1995

Thanksgiving Word Search Friend Nov 1986

Priesthood of God Friend Jul 2001

The Good shepherd online

Times to Enjoy Friend Jan 1985
Tithing Online

Tithing Friend Feb 1999

Temple Crossword from FRIEND Aug 2002

The Sacrament Friend Apr 1993

Traveler’s Crossword Friend Sep 1992

Valentine Puzzle Friend Feb 1972
Valentine Puzzle Friend Feb 1988
Valentine Search Friend Feb 1992 
Valentine Puzzle Friend Feb 1987


Witnesses of birth of Jesus  online

Winter Word Search Friend Jan 1988

Women of the New Testament Friend Sep 1991

Where Jesus Was Friend Feb 1995

  Women of the Gospel Friend May 2006
Woodworking Wood Friend Nov 1991 
What to Do Friend Apr 1999 
Word Circle Friend Nov 1993 

Women in the Scriptures Friend May 2001

Word of Wisdom Crossword Puzzle Friend, May 1975
Word of Wisdom Friend Nov 1989 
Word of Wisdom Friend May 2006

Word of Wisdom Promise Friend Nov 2006



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