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When you have clicked on a link, you sometimes have to scrool down a little before you get what you want. Conny Hillgaard



Alphabet Change Friend Oct 1995
A Message from Alma Friend Oct 2004

The Alphabet Book Friend Aug 1997

Articles of Faith Ladder Friend Jun 1995

Articles of Faith Key Words Friend, Dec. 1995

Articles of Faith Math Friend Nov 1995

The ABC’s of Missionary Work Friend May 1989

Animal Anagrams Friend Jun 1989 
Animal Offspring Friend Apr 1990
Animal Fare Friend Sep 1986

The Atonement Friend Mar 1989

April fool's Day quiz Friend April 1988


Baptizm questions to use in a quiz by Hariet
The Beatitudes Friend March 1986
Buatitude Friend March 1991
Brass Plates Code Friend Sep 1996
Biblical Tour Friend Feb 1987
Biblical People and Things Friend March 1983
Bible Puzzle unknown
Bible Match Friend Aug 1986
Bible (funny) questions Unknown
Biblical Anagrams Friend Jan 1987
The Game's in the Name, Book of Mormon quiz Ensign Dec 1972
Boom of Mormon: Who Am I? (Church History Mysteries)  Friend Sept 2005

Book of Mormon Times and Today Friend Sep 2000

Book of Mormon Prophets Friend Jun 1989
Book of Mormon, People to Remember in the Friend May 1987
Book of Mormon quiz: Who Am I? Friend, Mar. 1974
Book of Mormon Friend Jul 1989
Book of Mormon Friend March 1989
Book of Mormon Letter Square Friend Jul 1989
Book of Mormon Letter Square Friend Oct 1989
Book of Mormon Alphabet Friend Sep 1992

Book of Mormon A's Friend Jul 2000

Book of Mormon A’s Friend Aug 1992 
Book of Mormon ABC's Friend Aug/Sep 1981
Book of Mormon Z's Friend Apr 1989
Coded Message from the Book of Alma Friend Jun 1988

Book of Mormon Alphabet Friend Sep 1992 

Book of Mormon Animals Friend July 1985

Book of Mormon Books Friend Oct 1996

Book of Mormon Cities Friend Oct 1992 

Book of Mormon Heroes Friend Aug 1992 

Book of Mormon Lands Friend Feb 1996

Book of Mormon Military Friend Aug 1996

Book of Mormon Matching Friend, July 1974
Book of Mormon Quiz Friend Nov 1981

Book of Mormon Friend Sep 2002

Book of Third Nephi Friend Aug 1988
Book of Fourth Nephi Friend Sep 1988
Book of Enos Friens April 1988
Book of Omni Friend April 1988
Books of the Scriptures Friend Oct 1992 

Blessings Scripture Pictures Friend Nov 1999

Boulders and Blessings Game by Sunni Olson of Orem, Utah
Biblical Treasure Friend Jul 1995 
Bingo Cards by Christ Wandle
Bible, Wise Words Friend March 1991
Bible Block Friend Oct 1994

Bible Songs Friend May 1999

Birdland Puzzle Friend Sep 1990 

Bible Personalities Friend May 1990 

Brothers and Sisters of the Bible Friend Feb 1983

Brothers in the scriptures Friend Feb 1990 



The Creation Friend Jan 2005
Conversion Friend April 1988
River Capitals Friend May 1989
Clothing, Proper (Eph 6:11) Friend March 2003

Common Sayings Friend Jul 1990 

Code, How to Send Secret Messages Friend Sep 1990
Code: Peacemakers Friend Feb 1988
Code, circle Friend Jun 1990

Code: Morse  Friend Feb 1990

Code: Spy Message Friend Oct 1989
Coded Nursery Rhymes Friend May 1989

Code, Bible Friend Nov 1991

Code: Turnabout Friend Feb 2000

Coded Message Friend Sep 1999 

“Come Follow Me” Friend Nov 1999 

Columbus Puzzle Friend Oct 1992
Christmas Rhyming Riddles Friend Dec 1984
Christmas Story Friend Dec 1986
Christmas Quiz Friend Dec 1996 
Christmas: Tidings of Great Joy! Friend Dec 1989 
Church Historical Sites Friend Jul 1981 

Church Presidents? (Which presidents was nephews to previous Church Presidents) from "Gems"

Church Presidents: motto match Friend Aug 1991

Church Words and Phrases Game Friend Jul 1991 

Conference Center questionnaire shared by Penny Judkins 

Conference center: true or false Friend Apr 2001

Courage Friend Jul 1998 

City of Enoch Friend Dec 1994

CTR how to say it in another language Friend Sept 2003

Choose a Color Friend Jun 1992

Columbus Puzzle Friend Oct 1992 
Commandment Cross-Out Friend Feb 1989 
New Commandment Friend April 2003
Color Coordinated Friend Nov 1990 


D&C 59:5 Friend March 2005
Do You Know, abt. Joseph Smith Friend Dec 1988

Do you know our Prophets? by sanpenny

David’s Song: Psalm 122 Friend Apr 1998

Discover a Country Friend Aug 1997

Dogs around the World Friend March 1990
Doctrine and Covenants Friend Aug 1991 

Doctrine and Covenants Friend Apr 1989 

Doctrine and Covenants Friend Feb 1989 

Dollars and Cents Friend Jan 1996 


Early Saints Friend Jul 1983
Eph 6:11 Friend March 2003

Easter ABC Fill-in Friend Apr 1996



Fun with Fives Friend Nov 1993
Faith Friend Aug 1999
Fathers in the Old Testament Friend, June 1974
Fathers Are Special Friend Jun 2001 
Family Reunion Friend Aug 1988

Fathers in the Scriptures Friend June 2002 

Find the Books Friend Jul 2002 

First Family Friend Feb. 2006
Faith in the Lord Friend May 1999 

Family Togetherness Friend Feb 2000 

International Foods Friend Jan 1991

Fourth of July Parade Friend Jul 1989
Flower Scramble Friend May 1989

Four-Letter Lands Friend Apr 1991 



Planting a Garden Friend Jun 2006

Giant Sandwich Friend Jun 2000 

God’s Plan Friend June 2003

Gospel People Friend Oct 1995

Gospel Words Friend Apr 1986
Gospel Twelves Friend Apr 1989
Govement: Preamble of the United States Constitution puzzle Friend Sep 1987
Govement, Rights and Freedoms Friend Sep 1987
General Authorities Friend Jul 1989
General Authorities Friend Oct 1989
Gift, The Greatest Gift Friend Dec 1983


Special Witness- quiz: Elder Robert D. Hales Friend Dec. 2006
Head of the House Friend Jun 1989
Have a Heart Friend Feb 1989 
Holy Ghost: When We Are Worthy Friend April 1977

Honor Jesus Christ Friend July 2002

Hidden Message Friend Aug 1991 

Hidden Message Friend Jun 2001 

Hymns Friend Oct 1989


Irish Shamrock Wordfind Friend March 1991
Instruments: Name the friend Nov 1999 

Isaiah, message from Friend Nov 1998

International Foods quiz Friend Jan 1991 

Jesus Teaches the Nephites Friend Aug 1988


Jacob and Esau Friend Aug 1994

Jerusalem, Leaving Friend Nov 1985

Jesus,Friends of Friend Mar 1989

Jesus, Where Jesus Was Friend Feb 1995

Jesus Christ, Honoring Friend Aug 2003

Jesus Christ: Growing Closer to Friend Apr 2000 

Jesus Christ, Honor Friend Jul 2002 

Joseph in Egypt Friend Feb 1990 

Jeopardy by Mindy, Sandy Utah

Journey to the Promised Land Game Friend Nov 2000

Joseph and His Brothers Friend Sep 1994

Jesus Spake unto Them Friend Sep 1999 

John 13:34, Scripture Message Friend Apr. 2003
John 14:15, Scripture Message Friend Mar 1987
John 8:12, I an the light of the world Friend Oct. 2003

Joseph, who? Friend Jan 1997

John, Where Is John From? Friend Jul 1980


Kin Quiz Friend Nov 1986

King Benjamin’s Tower Friend Sep 2000



Latter-day Prophets Friend Jul 1986

Latter-day Prophets Friend Oct 1995

Leaders in the Making Friend Sep 1987
Leaders to Remember Friend Jan 1982

Lehi’s Vision  Friend Sep 1989

Learn Puzzle Friend Nov 1993


Matt 5:16 Friend Sept 2003
Mission: Going on Friend Oct 1988
Missionary: Sharing the Gospel Friend Jan 1984
Missionary Work, The ABC’s Friend May 1989 
Missionary Change-a-Letter Friend Oct 1987
Missionary Preparation Friend, Sept. 2002 
Missionary Roll Call Friend Apr 1998 

Mosiah 1-2-8- Letter Square Friend Jun 1992  

March of the Mormon Battalion Friend Jul 2002

Million Blessings CSMP 2002 review by Natalie Houston

Mothers of the Scriptures Friend May 1977
Mormon Friend Oct 1988

Moses  Friend Oct 1998 

Morse Code Mystery Friend Feb 1990

Moses Friend Feb 1994

Moses 1:39 Friend Jan 2005
Musical Instrument Scramble Friend Oct 1994 
Musical Mystery Friend Oct 1989

Musical Instruments Friend Oct 1989 (Letter square)

Mothers in the Scriptures Friend May 1989



2. Nephi 4:12; 2 Nephi 5:1-18 Friend Feb 1988

Name Quiz Friend Oct 1992

1. Nephi 3:7 Spy Spots Friend Nov 1986
1. Nephi 8:30 Friend Apr 1996 
1. Nephi 5:30 Friend Aug 1989
Nelson, Russel, Special Witness ~ Guess Who? Friend March 2006

Nephi, Message from Friend Feb 1989 

Nephite Disciples Friend Aug 1996 
Noah's Ark Friend May 1986

Noah’s Ark Riddle Friend March 1990 

Noah’s Ark Picture Puzzle Friend Feb 2006
Name Quiz Friend Oct 1992 

Name the 2 LDS Presidents that have died outside Utah from GEMS

Name the two of our Church Presidents that were nephews to previous From GEMS

New Testament 1-2-3 Friend Apr 2003
New Testament ABCs Friend Apr 1983

New Testament ABC's Friend Jan 1991

New Testament Matchup Friend March 1991

New Testament Occupations Friend Sep 1991

New Testament People Friend Jul 1995 
New Testament, Books Friend Apr 2000 
New Testament, Books Friend Jan 1991 

New Testament, Books Friend Nov 1995

New Testament, Scripture Pictures Friend March 2003
New Testament, ABCs Friend Apr 1983
New Testament, Riddle Friend March 2003
New Testament, Riddle Friend April 2003
New Testament,1-2-3 Friend April 2003
New Testament, Food Friend Nov. 2003


Special Witness quiz: Elder Dallin H. Oaks Friend Sept 2006

Over the Waves Friend Apr 1990 

Obey! Friend Feb 2000 
Obedience Friend March 1999 
Obstacle Run-Around Friend March 1990 

Obedient Servants of God Friend May 1991

Other Plates Friend Aug 1989 

Old Testament, Kings Friend March 1990 
Old Testament 1-2-3 Friend,May 1998 
Old Testament, Books Friend March 2002 
Old Testament Animals Friend Jul 1994 

Old Testament Heroes Friend Mar 1994 

Old Testament, Prophets Friend Jan 2002

Old Testament, Birds Friend Apr 1998 

Old Testament 1-2-3 Friend May 1998

Old Testament, People Friend Jul 1990

Old Testament, Prophets Friend May 1990

Old Testament, Women Friend March 1990 

Old Testament, Women Friend Sep 1990 

Old Testament, Food Friend Nov 1994 

Old Testament, Matchup Friend Nov 1994 
Old Testament, Scripture Pictures Friend Jan 2006
Old Testament, Fishing for facts Friend Aug 2006
Opposites, hidden Friend Jun 1990


Parker, Boyd K: Special Witness ~ Guess Who? Friend April 2006
Patriotism Quiz Friend, July 1974
People Who Help Friend Jul 1989 
Peace Letter Square Friend Nov 1994 

Proclamation of the Family by Annie Cook

Psalm Wisdom Friend Jan 2002

Prayer Friend Sep 1989 
Prayer Friend Nov 1984
The Lord Speaks to Us through Prophets  Friend Nov 2004
Prophets and Prophecies Friend May 1999 
Prophets: Happy Birthday Friend Apr 1987

Prophet rebus: Joseph Smith Friend Jan 1993 

Prophet rebus:Brigham Young Friend Feb 1993 

Prophet rebus: John Taylor Friend Mar 1993 

Prophet rebus: Wilford Woodruff Friend Apr 1993 

Prophet rebus: Lorenso Smow Friend May 1993 

Prophet rebus: Joseph F. Smith Friend Jun 1993 

Prophet rebus: Heber J. Grant Friend Jul 1993 

Prophet rebus: David O. Mckay Friend Aug 1993 

Prophet rebus: David O. McKay Friend Sep 1993 

Prophet rebus: Joseph Fielding Smith  Friend Sep 1993 

Prophet rebus: Harold B. Lee Friend Oct 1993 

Prophet rebus: Spencer W. Kimball Friend Oct 1993 

Prophet rebus: Ezra Taft Benson Friend Nov 1993 

Prophet, Message from the Prophets Friend Oct 1991 
Prophet Puzzle Friend Jan 1997 
Prophet, Match Friend Jun 2001
Prophet, Who Is This Prophet Friend Nov 1994 

Prophets ABC Friend Jun 1995

Prophet, Name the Prophet Friend Aug 1997 
Prophet; Who Was This Prophet Friend Feb 1997 
Prophets, modern Friend Jul 1989 

Proverbs from all over the world Friend Aug 1999

Pioneer Wagons Friend Sep 1997

Picture the Answer Friend Nov 1988

Pioneer Treasure Hunt Friend Jul 1994 

Wagon Wheel Scripture Puzzle Friend Jul 2006 

Primary/Hymns  Friend Oct 1989

Proverbial Code Friend Nov 1990 
Power Break Friend Jul 1990 
Prophetic, Weathermen, Friend Jan 1986
A Pyramid Friend Sep 1989


Special Witness- quiz: Elder Tom L. Perry Friend Nov. 2006
Twenty-Third Psalm Friend March 1978
Prophet, Who Is the Friend Apr 1989 
Prophet, Who Is the Friend Nov 1989 
Prophet, name the Friend March 1988
Prophet,Who Is This Friend Oct 1989 
Prophets, Ancient Friend March 1984
Prophet, Who Was This Friend Feb 1997 


Rebus: Valentine Transportation Friend Feb 1988
Reads the Same Friend Oct 1989 
Rhyme Time Friend Oct 1994 
River Capitals Friend May 1989 

Righteous Fathers and Sons Friend Jun 2000 



Special Witness- quiz: Elder Richard G. Scott Friend Oct 2006
The Sacrament Friend Apr 1982
September Puzzle Friend Sep 1989 
Scripture, Follow the Words of the Scriptures Friend March 2005
Scripture Animals Friend May 1984
Scriptures, Colorful Friend March 2005
Scripture Garden Friend Aug 2004
Scriptures: Hidden Books of the Scriptures Friend Oct 1992
Scripture Threes Friend Aug 1989 

Scripture-Story Clue Maze Friend Jun 1990

Scripture Sevens Friend Jun 1986

Scripture Fathers Friend Jun 1997

Scripture Scavenger Hunt Friend Aug 1999 

Scripture Game Friend March 1991

Scripture Chase Friend Jan 1996 
Scramble, Insect  Friend Jul 1991 
School Days Friend Sep 1990 

Special callings from GEMS

Speak English, Exploring Friend Oct 1987

Spy Message: Courage Friend Oct 1989 

School Days Friend Sep 1990

Sacrament Friend April 1993

Song Riddles Friend Sep 1992

Samuel the Lamanite Friend Jul 1988

Samuel the Lamanite Friend July 1992 

Sports ABCs Friend Sep 1996

Smith, Joseph: Writes About the Church AoF 1:1 Friend Feb 2003 

Standard Works Friend Feb 1989 

Snow, Lorenzo Crossword Friend March 2002 



Ticktacktoe! with 40 questions Friend Jan 1986

Tidings of Great Joy! Friend Dec 1989

Tithing Around the World Friend Jun 2006
Temple Facts Friend Nov 1993
Latter-day Temples Quiz Friend, Apr. 1975
Temple trivia by LeAnn
Temples of the World Friend, Apr. 21006

Temple ABCs Friend Feb 1993

Temples Quiuz Friend Apr 1975

Temple Firsts Friend Apr 1997 
Thanking the Lord Friend Jul 1994 
Thanks around the World Friend Nov. 2006

Thus Saith the Lord Friend Nov 1990 

Ties of kinship From GEMS

Testimony, (rebus) Friend April 2002

Giving Thanks Friend Nov 1999 
Thanking the Lord Friend Jul 1994 

The Good Samaritan Friend May 1991

The Good Shepherd Friend March 2002 
Turkey Trot, maze Friend Nov 1990 
Treasure Hunt Friend Aug 1997 
Traveler’s Crossword Friend Sep 1992 

Trust in the Lord Friend Jun 1994

The Book of Jacob Friend March 1988
The Good Samaritan Friend May 1991 
The Pearl of Great Price- A Unique Scripture Ensign Dec 1972


Special Witness- Guess Who: Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf Friend AUg. 2006


Vegetable Letter Square Friend Nov 1990 



Weathermen, Prophetic Friend Jan 1986
As Wise As an owl Friend Oct 1989 
Word Reflections Friend Aug 1991 
Woodworking Wood Friend Nov 1991 
World Wisdom Friend Jun 1998 
Women in the New Testament Friend May 1986
Women in History Friend May 1983

Women in the Bible Friend May 2002 

Word of Wisdom Friend Nov 1989 
Word of Wisdom Hidden Message Friend June 2005  
Words, find the Words Friend Nov 1989 

Word of Wisdom Friend March 1991

We Believe Friend Sep 2000 

Who became a widower while serving as president of the church? from GEMS

Which president have called the largest number of brethren into the apostleship from GEMS

Which prophet was born outside of the United States? from GEMS

Where is the original members of the Quorum of the Twelve burial sites? from GEMS

What do you know about what the church teaches? (A great quiz game) by Robin Segovia Perry, Georgia Ward

What Would You Do With …  Friend Nov 1988
What am I: Person, Place, or Thing Friend Oct 1988
What Am I Friend Oct 1988

Who Said It Friend Sep 1998 

Who Said It Friend Oct 1996 

Who was Friend Jan 1995

Who Am I Friend Jul 1990 

Who Am I? unknown

Who wants a million Blessings Game (for older children)by Mike & Mauri bulmuse@hotmail.com

Who wants a million Blessings by Mike & Mauri bulmuse@hotmail.com

Who wants a million Blessings? by GLOrosco@ALO

Who wants a million Blessings?  Song review 2002 by Natalie Houston

Who wants a million Blessings? Song review2005 by Conny Hillgaard

Who Wants to a million Blessings? by Elaine, California

Who Had the Spirit Friend Nov 1994 
Who Escaped Friend March 1994 
Who Is Coming to Dinner Friend Nov 1998 


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