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Monson, Thomas S.

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What A Wife Might Do Ensign June 1973
What A Husband Might Do Ensign June 1973


Manners, Roller-Box TV Friend Oct 1981

Maxwell, Neal A.

Elder Neal A. Maxwell (1926-2004) Friend Sept 2004
Passing of Elder Maxwell link to LDS Newsroom
Friend to Friend Friend Feb 1984
The Atonement, Elder Maxwell Friend Aug 2003
Answers to Prayer Friend May 2004

Mary & Martha

Mary, Martha, and Lazarus Friend Jun 1983
Mary and Martha Friend April 1988
The Faith of Mary and Martha Friend Apr 1988

McKay, David O.

McKay, David O. bio GAK picture # 514

David O. McKay- 1873-1970 Friend Aug/Sep 1980
McKay, David Oman Friend Sep 1989
McKay, David O.: A Visit with the Queen Friend Feb 1997
David's Prayer Friend Aug. 2004
McKay, David O. Baked Apples recipe
  David O. McKay- Ambassador of the Faith Ensign Jan 2005
McKay, Jennette Evans Friend Jul 1987 Mother of David O. McKay

Membership, look under Church membership



Jesus Christ went about doing good CSMP-booklet 2010 pg 14
Jesus Christ is a God of miracles CSMP-booklet 2010 pg. 16
Jesus Christ can heal the sick CSMP_booklet  2010 pg. 16
Jesus Christ has power over death CSMP-booklet 2010 pg. 17
  Miracles come to those who have faith CSMP-booklet 2010 pg. 17



Primary 7,lesson 44
How to Share the Gospel Ensign June 1974
Missionary Calendar Friend Feb 1977
I Want to Be a Missionary game questions Friend May 1977
My Missionary Journal Friend June 1977
A Good Neighbor Friend Feb 1983
What Can I Do to Be a Missionary? Friend Nov 1984
Called to Serve, the first 2 female missionaries Friend Nov 1984
Missionary, Friendshipping with Love Friend Feb 1986
Share the Gospel Friend Apr 1986
Missionary Scriptures Contest Friend Aug 1986
Be a Missionary Friend Aug 1986
"God Will Teach Me" Friend Sep 1988
Pulling in the Gospel Net Friend Oct 1988
Conversion in Honduras Friend Oct 1988
Missionary Month Friend Oct 1992 
Missionaries Publish Peace Friend Nov 1994
I Can Be a Missionary Now! Friend Nov 1994
I Can Be a Missionary Now Friend Oct 1998
Mission Callings to Primary Children Friend Oct 1999
"The Field Is White Already to Harvest" Friend Sep 2002
Missionary Preparation Friend Sep 2002
I can prepare to be a missionary now Friend Dec.2003 suggestion # 2
I can share the gladness of the gospel with others  Friend Dec. 2003 suggestion # 4
Send a Gift on a Mission Friend Sept. 2004
I want to be a missionary now CSMP 2005 November suggestion # 2
  A Missionary Now, ideas on how to be a missionary now Friend Nov 2005
  How Can I Gain a Testimony? color book Friend Nov 2005
  Sharing the gospel from
  The Gospel Is a Gift to Share, puzzle Friend May 2006
  Thankful for Missionary Work Friend June 2006
  I can be a missionary now Friend Oct. 2006, suggestion # 4
  I can be a missionary now Friend Oct. 2006, suggestion # 4
  I will prepare now to become a missionary CSMP-booklet 2007, Oct.. week 4
  Sharing the gospel helps others come unto Christ CSMP-booklet 2010 pg. 20
  The scriptures teach that the gospel will be preached all over the world. CSMP-booklet 2011 pg. 18
  Missionary work blesses everyone CSMP-booklet 2011 pg. 18
  I can prepare now to serve a mission CSMP-booklet 2011 pg. 19
  What Can I Do to Be a Missionary combined of many suggestions by Conny Hillgaard
Missionary: Let's be (build) a missionary by Cummings
How to be a Primary Missionary by Gia
Mission, Preparing for the temple and a mission by Melissa in Lubbock, TX
What can I do to be a missionary? by Terri Finney
Integrated missionary work & prophets by Twila Hall
Mission, prophets on mission in Great Britain unknown


Modesty talk by Elder Christofferson


Guidelines for Writing Latter-day Hymns Ensign April 1973
Why Music Is Important in Worship Ensign June 1973
Music: Sing Praises  Friend Oct 1989
Music & History by Debby


Mothers nurture their children Friend May 2004, suggestion # 2
Mothers nurture the family CSMP outline 2009, suggestion for March  week 2


Journeys and Events in the Life of Moses Ensign Oct 1973
The Mission of Moses- Out of Bondage Ensign Oct 1973
Moses Leads the Children of Israel Friend Jun 2002
Moses Teaches His People Friend May 1998
Dispensation of Moses in Perspective Ensign Oct 1973

Monson, Thomas S.

Story from his life Friend Oct 1981 
A Jericho Road Friend June 1985
Blaze, Elder Monson, and the Power of Prayer Friend Sep 1987
Gift of Faith Friend Nov 1987
Paint a Bright Spot talk by Elder Thomas S. Monson Friend Jun 1989
  Courage Counts Friend Jul 1998
Love One Another Friend Jun 2003
More Blessed to Give Friend Jan 2004
A Treasure Map Friend Sept 2004
  Labels Friend March 2005
  The Canary with the Best Song Friend August 2005
  The Lighthouse Friend Feb. 2006
  Follow the Signs Friend May 2006
  Frame Your Life with Faith Friend July 2006
  Never give up! Friend Jan 2007
  Sacred Ground; Friend Sept. 2007


Mormon Friend Jan 1971
Mormon and the Book of Mormon Friend May 1984
Mormon ~ a Valiant Prophet Friend Jan 1988
Mormon and the Book of Mormon Friend Oct 1988


Moroni Friend Feb. 1971
Moroni's Words to Us Friend Dec 2000
How Moroni Statues Are Made Friend Feb 1987
Moroni, Last and Lone Nephite Prophet Friend Sep 1996
The Angel Moroni and the Gold Plates Friend Jun 1984

McConkie, Bruce R. 

  The Testimony of Jesus Friend July 1972
Elder Bruce R. McConkie bio Friend June 1985
I believe in Christ, Elder McConlie's testimony online

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