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Vision, the first


Warriors, 2000 stripling
Wirthlin, Joseph B.
Wise men
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Uchtdorf, Dieter F.
Called to Serve Friend Jan. 2005
  On to New Horizons Ensign Mar 2005
  Getting to Know Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf Friend Dec. 2005



Vision, the first

Joseph's First Vision Friend, Apr. 1984
Joseph Smith's First Vision Friend, Apr. 1995
The First Vision Friend Jan 1997
Sharing Time- The Gospel Is Restored Friend, Feb. 2003
The First Vision CSMP 2005 February suggestion # 1
  I have sent forth the fulness of the gospel by the hand of my servant Joseph Friend May 2005, suggestion # 1
  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith CSMP-booklet 2010 pg. 8


Wirthlin Joseph B.

Pulling in the Gospel Net Friend Oct 1988
Our Lord and Savior Friend Apr 2003
  Getting to Know Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin Friend Sept. 2005
  Guess Who? Friend July 2006
  Special Witness Friend Jan 2007


Watchmen on the Tower by Bobbie, West Linn, Oregon
Watchman on the tower  by Terri Finney, Ft Worth, TX
Watcher of the tower/ Weather forecaster by Melanie, North Ogden, Utah


Warn, the Apostles warns us to day by Conny Hillgaard


Special Witnesses Friend Aug 1990
Special Witnesses Friend Feb 1999
How Do You Know It's True Friend Jan 2003
We Bear Witness of Him Friend Feb 2003
Witness: What is a witness? by Erika Strong

Wise men

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man Friend Jul 1999

Word of Wisdom

The Word of Wisdom many quotes (ex. Prs. Kimball, Prs. Grant )
Decide Now Friend May 1985
Body Building Friend Jul 1986
Body Blessings Friend March 1991
  Joseph Smith Receives a Revelation Friend Jun 1992
  Sharing Time- Warning! Friend Nov 1993
  Keep the Commandments Friend Apr 1994
The Words of Christ Friend Mar 1996
Home Remedies Friend March 1997
My Tea story Friend Aug 1997
  He's Talking to Me Friend May 1998
  Listen to a Prophet's Voice! Friend Apr 2001
  President Hinckley Shows Us the Way Friend Oct 2001
George Albert Smith-- "I Won't Drink Coffee!" Friend May 2002
Ye Are the Temple of God Friend May 2002
  My Body-- a Temple Friend, May 2002
The Word of Wisdom- A Blessing of Strength Friend Feb. 2003
  My body is a temple Friend Jan 2004, suggestion # 5
I will keep my mind and body sacred and pure Friend Oct 2005 suggestion # 2
  Living the word of wisdom shows respect for my body CSMP-booklet 2011 pg. 17
Articles of Faith hand signs Karen Tanner
The Word of Wisdom ~ The spirit of the law by Tracy
Word of Wisdom by Chrisy Wardle
My body is a temple by tkennedy

Woodruff, Wilford

Wilford Woodruff 1807-1898 Friend, Mar. 1980
Wilford Woodruff Friend Apr 1989
Woodruff, Wilford: A Future Prophet Is Baptized Friend, Nov. 1997
Woodruff,  Wilford Friend, Mar. 2001
Woodruff, Wilford: Fisherman of the Lord Friend, June 2001
Wilford Woodruff- Contending for the Faith Ensign, Jan 2006
God Moves in a Mysterious Way A favorite hymn of President Wilford Woodruff  Ensign, Jan 2006

Warriors, 2000 stripling

Stripling Warriors Friend, July 1992
Stripling Warriors Game Friend, Aug. 2000
  I can be faithful like the stripling warriors Friend Aug 2006, suggestion # 4

Witsoe, John A.

John A. Widtsoe: Master Teacher bio Friend May 1990

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