Don't pet a rattlesnake
(Adapted after an activity on the internet)

SING: Old McDonald had a farm

Have a bag of 4-5 harmless stuffed animals.

A child comes up and pulls an animal out of my bag and tell whether they could pet it and snuggle with it. At last show a snake...

  1. Can you pet a rattlesnake?
  2. Why not?
Show a picture of Elder David E Sorenson.
  1. Who is David Sorensen?
  2. He is a Seventy, a servant for our Lord.
Then tell the story Elder David E Sorenson's gave in his talk at April conference: “My mind raced back to the days of my youth on the farm. In the summertime one of our responsibilities was to haul hay from the fields into the barn for winter storage. My dad would pitch the hay onto a flatbed wagon. I would then tromp down the hay to get as much as possible on the wagon. One day, in one of the loose bundles pitched onto the wagon was a rattlesnake! When I looked at it, I was concerned, excited, and afraid. The snake was lying in the nice, cool hay. The sun was glistening on its diamond back. After a few moments the snake stopped rattling, became still, and I became very curious. I started to get closer and leaned over for a better look, when suddenly I heard a call from my father: "David, my boy, you can't pet a rattlesnake!” SING: We listen to a prophets voice

Recited the scripture: What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken? whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same"

President Hinckley's has warned us about some “snakes” in our lives:

Show video from President Hinckley's fireside to the youth in Oct 2000 where he
first talked about the Six B's. I started it where he starts talking about "Be Smart" (the words Be Smart showing on the screen) and ended where his name shows on the screen. He makes three points. After each point I pause the video and ask what he just said. The three points are: 1) Don't let the filthy poison of tv, videos, literature or the internet poison you 2) Avoid evil talk and 3) Choose friends carefully. (this video section lasts about 3 minutes).

SING: I want to be kind to ev’ryone

Elder Sorensen's talk:

Recently my granddaughter Jennifer was invited to go with several of her
school friends to a dinner and a movie. The girls all agreed on the movie
they were going to see, and Jennifer was comfortable attending. However,
the girl who left dinner to buy the movie tickets for the group returned
with tickets to a different movie than was planned! She said, "It is a
great show, and it's - ."
Jennifer, caught by surprise, couldn't believe the situation had changed so
quickly. But fortunately she had made up her mind before she ever found
herself in this position that she would not watch - movies. She was able to
stand firm and say to her friends, "I can't go see an - movie. My parents
would not approve." To which the girls replied, "Oh, come on! Your parents
will never know!" Confronted with this, Jennifer went on to say, "Well,
actually it doesn't matter whether my parents will know. I just don't go to
- movies!"
Her friends were upset and tried to get her to relent. They told her she
"was ruining everything." When she would not give in, they threw the ticket
and change in her face and deserted her for the - movie. It wound up being
a lonely night full of rejection from her friends. But it was a great
moment for Jennifer and our family.8 She gained confidence, self-worth, and
spiritual power. You need to decide now how you will act.
GAME: “No, I just won't do that”
Call up children to pick items from a table with tape on the back (items include pictures of cigarettes, drugs, friends, coffee, stealing, many ear piercing, tattoos, computer, TV, video, etc.)
Let them show the picture, say what it is, then pretend you are the friend and are asking them to do whatever the item is. Tell them to say “No, I just won't do that” no matter what you say. You say things like "Just try one cigarette, "What are you chicken", "I won't like you anymore", "You won't be my friend if you don't". After every time prompt them and the rest of the children to say “No, I just won't do that”.

Tell them that after a while of the same thing over and over, your friend will get bored of hearing the same thing and leave you alone. Decide now what you say when you are tempted with a poisonous snake.

SING: Jesus said love everyone

How many of you remeber what President Hinckley has told us. Rreview the Six B's:

  1. Be grateful- point to the sky
  2. Be smart- point to the head
  3. Be clean- point to the mouth (as in clean speech)
  4. Be true- hand on heart
  5. Be humble- hand on stomach as in fasting
  6. Be prayerful- hands on knees
What if ... President Hinckley/JESUS Came to Your House:
If they came unexpectedly, would you turn off the TV and hope they hadn't heard?
Wish you hadn't yelled at your brother that last mean word?

What if ... President Hinckley/JESUS Came to Your school:
Would you go right on doing the things you always do?
Would you keep on saying the things you always say?

If they came...
Would life continue as it does from day to day?
Would the things you say to your parents be the same or be chosen with care
Would you remember to say your nightly prayer?
Would you sing songs you always sing, and be proud of the books you've read?
Would the video game you like to play be hidden under the bed?
Would you be glad to have him meet your closet friends ~ or would you hope they'd stay away until his visit ends?

BUT he has sent an representative, the Holy Ghost....
If you felt bad about one or two things, you might want to change those things in your lift. The Holy Ghost can not stay with you, if you do TRY to do your very best, all the time.

FHE video, supplement 2, #10  "The Test".

SING: The Holy Ghost

* Bear testimony that you know President Hinckley is a prophet and we should
think “Would I do this if President Hinckley/Jesus were here?” before we act.
Remember not to pet rattlesnakes ~ Be Clean.