(adapted after an idea from the internet)
  • Take down all of the chairs & set up the room to have 4 "scenes,"
  • Have the pianist play some appropriate songs as you moved from station to station.

  • Introduce the Easter theme:  Tell the children we are going to learn all about why we celebrate Easter.

    1st scene:
    Sing "Tell me the Stories of Jesus."
    THE LAST SUPPER (a table w/ tablecloth, a pitcher, a bowl; pictures of the Last Supper and the Sacrament)
    Talk about the Savior preparing his disciples for his death, (show picture of the sacrament)

    2nd scene:
    GETHSEMANE (a rock, some plants/trees; pictures of the Savior in Gethsemane)
    Talk about the suffering why he suffered, whom he suffered for, etc. Emphasize that Jesus was praying to our Father in Heaven. 3rd scene:
    CALVARY (make a small "hill" with a "cross", pictures of the Savior on the Cross)
    Talk about the pain Jesus suffered for us, how sad everyone was, why he had to die, how Heavenly Father caused darkness & earthquakes, etc. 4th scene
    THE TOMB (a "tomb"; pictures of laying Jesus to rest, the empty tomb and/or angel with Mary, the resurrected Christ, Christ appearing to the Nephites)
    Talk about how they "buried" him, the stone rolled over the entrance, how the empty tomb was discovered & the angel appeared, then how the resurrected Savior appeared.

    Talk about Jesus appearing to his disciples, and then to the Nephites in America. Emphasize the joy with which we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.