Mothers Day
(by Amy Bowden)

Sing: "Once within a Lowly Stable p.41

You may be wondering why we are singing this song today. On Mothers day. Well Mothers are such a precious gift from our Heavenly Father. Our scripture heroes all had wonderful mothers. We get to know some of these mothers by reading the scriptures.

One very important mother in the Bible was Mary the mother of Jesus. She was given such a big responsibility. She loved our Heavenly Father so much and wanted to be good. When Jesus was born, she cuddled and loved him just like our mother did.

Sing: Mary's Lullaby p.44

As Mary watched Jesus grow she must have been such a happy mother. And Probably concerned that she was raising him right. Hoping that he would be able to fulfill his mission here on earth. Each of our mothers worry and wonder if they are doing the right thing. They wonder if they should do this or that. Or how they should handle this problem. But they love us always even when they have to get after us.

Sing: Jesus Once was a little child p.55

Our mothers are partners with Heavenly Father in helping us to be better people every day. They want us to succeed and be happy. They want us to be good and keep the commandments, so we will be able to return to live with our Heavenly Father. They work hard and are always trying to think of better ways to help and teach us.

Sing: Love is Spoken Here p. 190

Being baptized is such an important ordinance. It is so important, Jesus showed us how to do it. Imagine your own baptism and remember how happy your mother was. Now think of Mary watching Jesus as he taught and healed the people. And then being the perfect example when he was baptized. Mary must have been so happy to be an important part of our Heavenly Fathers plan to bring Jesus to this earth as part of the Plan of Salvation.

Sing: When Jesus Christ was Baptized p 102.

Mothers are so glad to have Jesus as an example in helping their children be better in all they do. He did so many loving and kind things. He healed the sick, He brought the dead back to life, he helped the sinner become whole again and he took care of his mother.

As he was dying Christ asked one of his disciples to take care of His mother just as the disciple would take care of his own mother.

Sing: I am trying to be like Jesus p. 78

Imagine how sad Mary was when Jesus died and was sealed in the tomb. But then imagine how joyous and excited she would have been to see him resurrected. And imagine how she felt when she realized what this meant to everyone everywhere.

Sing: Jesus Has Risen p. 70

Mother's everywhere want to share this wonderful story of Mary and her son, Jesus with their children and have them find peace and happiness in the story just as they have.

They yearn to have them understand and feel the love they have for the Savior, Jesus Christ

Sing: Oh, Hush Thee, My Baby p.48

And so we pay tribute to mothers everywhere. All are important and have a sacred duty which they do so well. They work so many hours and against many trials and tribulations. But our Heavenly Father is always with them and wants everyone to be happy.

Have you recently thought how important your mom is to you? We are very blessed. We have mothers that bring us to primary and support us.

Sing: Mother Dear p.206

Tell your mother you love her today! She deserves it.

If time allows pass out paper and let the children write their mothers a letter.