Mothers Day Craft idears
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Mothers Day craft

Last year we did the flowers on the pen for our mother's day gift, along with a card that the children colored. You take a silk flower (we usually buy them in bunches and then trim off the flowers, with a little bit of the stem also) and tape it to a writing pen, using flower tape (it is green and can be found in craft stores and anyplace that has flower arrangement materials). You put the flower on the non-writing end, with the stem running along side the pen, and the flower on the non-writing portion. You hold it in place and wrap the flower tape around it, covering the pen and flower stem at the same time. It is very easy to do, even for the small children, has very little prep time, but the mom's really enjoy them. Cheryl, Highland, CA
  It is a bit of work but well worth it. You have the child dictate their favorite recipe that their mom makes and then you compile them all into a recipe book. It is hysterical to see how the children think cooking goes. Jen
  Another idea that is not too difficult is to make cookie flowers. You can probably find a recipe for this on the net or from someone else on this group, but the basic idea is they can decorate a cookie and attach it to a straw or something. They turn out cute. Jen
  On the lower 1/2 to 1/3 of a piece of paper, draw the outline of a vase with a big black marker. Below the vase print something like "Blossoms of love for you!" "A bouquet of love for you!", etc.
Then have the children place their hand print just above the vase, leaving room for a stem to be drawn in. We used paint in the primary colors; red, yellow, and blue. Pour a little bit of paint into a pie tin and use a sponge brush to lightly put a coat of paint on the child's hand. When dry, have kids color the vase and add a stem and leaves to their bouquet. A blow dryer can help hasten drying time if necessary. You can also have them make the hand prints one week, color the pictures the next week.
Not all the kids in our ward have moms so I told them this was something they could also give to a grandma, aunt or someone else special in their lives.

Lynne in Newark, California, USA