What to put in a “Newsletter”
(Terri Finney in Fort Worth, TX)

Search online at "http://www.lds.org/"to find some old stuff that the kids haven't seen if they read the Friend. Try searching for
For Little Friends

you can make your own at puzzlemaker.com. Lots of fun.
Use words that relate to your lessons or put the kid's names in the puzzle (my kids love this).

families can always use ideas of things to do at home. Have it relate to the lessons your doing in class. I try to send kids home with things/ideas to share in FHE the next day.

Give them scriptures to read. If you make them short and easy ones the parents might actually do it :-) You could even send home a scripture reading chart for them to color in each day they read. I found one on "http://www.lds.org/"March 1991 titled "Read the Scriptures Daily." We do a scripture trivia question in our ward bulletin each week and have a child share the answer in Primary. You could use easy trivia questions (we give them a scripture reference to look up the answer). If you make the questions enticing enough they will do it.

LESSON SCHEDULE: Give the topics of your lessons for the upcoming month
with ideas of how the families can discuss the topic at home.

Spotlight a child in your class each month.

Print simple pictures that the children can color.

We are making flannel boards out of pizza boxes for our teachers and printing off lots of flannel board figures from the Friend for them to use in class. You can find directions for making these on Debra Woods' site at "http://primaryetc.com/Pizza.htm" (we make ours a little different. I cover the outside with fabric and the whole inside with flannel-polar fleece works too. To use it I sit it open in a V shape like a book. This gives more room).


you can find LOADS of figures, all of which were printed in The Friend so they are Church Produced, at Whitney Larson's site "http://www.mycityport.com/primary/clipart/"

SONGS: include the words to the song of the month for primary (or if your PP does this in a monthly newsletter you can include the words to other primary songs). We actually scan in (and reduce size) the page from the Children's Songbook and put it wors and music in our monthly newsletter. As long as you read the bottom of the page and it says that it can be copied for home use or has the copyright symbol followed by a year and LDS. There are several songs that the Church does not own and many that say they may not be copied. Keep your eyes open for those. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam is one!


~Thanks for sharing these idears Terri. I would just like to add a few links:

For Little Friends also:

"http://www.christiananswers.net/kids/clr-indx.html"bible story pictures to coulor
"http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/4571/cbible.html" Bible colouring pictures for Young children
"http://www.ilovejesus.com/allgodschildren/coloringbk/index.html" The colouring collection


If you have tried to make your own puzzle ~ and couldn’t, try one of these crossword-machines, they are GREAT!
"http://qualint.com/samples/religion.html"LDS Puzzle
http://school.discovery.com/  Crossword puzzles and much more
"http://www.wordhunt.com/"Word Hunt Puzzle Creation