(Author unknown)

Samuel the Lamanite wall crawl:

children stood on a wall of some sort and sang the verse of Book of Mormon Stories about Samuel the Lamanite as all the children on the ground squirted them with water guns.

Moses parting of the water tug of war:

we divided the children into two groups, filled a wading pool, put a rope across the pool and put a group of children on each side of the rope. They pulled of course, and everyone got wet.

Noah's Ark relay:

two arks were made out of cardboard one for team 'a' and one for team 'b'. The primary presidency brought all the stuffed animals we had and pooled them all together on the floor in front of the arks. We divided the children into two teams and at the go they were to run and find one pair of animals and put them into there ark. The object was to get the most pairs.

Ten virgins relay:

We saved 10 milk jugs and cut the top off of them. Then we decorated them to look like oil lamps as in the story. We filled 10 buckets with water and placed them across from each other spread out. We put one big serving spoon with each bucket. We gave the children a time limit and placed each one in front of their bucket which we had put a fill line. The object is to fill to the line with out moving the bucket and before the
time runs out.

David and Goliath pea shooting:

We made a large scale drawing of Goliath and placed it on a wall of the church building outside. A bag of frozen peas and a spoon were laid out for the children to try to flip the peas to hit Goliath in the forehead.

Nephite & Lamanite war:

We made headbands one group all of the same material and the other group out of another material. Then we filled many water balloons. The children we divided into groups and gave them headbands and let them go at it. When all the balloons were gone they were to pick up all the casualties (the broken balloon pieces).

Two thousand stripling warriors:

We brought a bag of play sand and buried plastic knives in it on the ground. The children were to find all the knives. Before every activity we read an account of the story from the scriptures, the scripture readers, or the leader told the story in their
words. The important part of the activity although fun was to put across the
scripture stories.