Christmas Tree poem
(by DeAnne')
We gave each teacher a copy of a poem and a Christmas ornament in the shape of a Christmas light.
P.S. When typed out the poem the words are in the shape of a Christmas tree. (each line is centered in a word processing program, such as WordPerfect or Microsoft Word)



once was
a shining
Christmas tree,
standing out where all
could see. Its brilliance
captured every eye, and seemed
to cheer each passer-by.
"The lights are beautiful," they'd
say to hesitate to walk away. The tree
stood proud, ablaze with light, for each
small bulb kept burning bright.
Then one bulb was heard to say, "I'm tired of burning
night and day; I think I'll just go out and rest,
for I'm too tired to do my best. Besides I know I am
so small I doubt I would be missed at all."
Then a child lovingly touched the light. "Look mother, this one
shines so bright. Of all the lights on the tree, this one looks the best
to me!" "Oh my goodness," said the light, "I almost dimmed right out of sight.
I thought perhaps no one would care, if I failed to shine my share."
With that a glowing brilliance came, for all the lights had felt the same.
Our Primary is like this Christmas tree. The little lights are you and me.
Each of us has a space to fill, with our love, compassion, and good will.
Let's keep our tree ablaze with light, with testimonies burning bright.
For our Primary is a living tree that lights the way to eternity.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Remember that Christmas is found and kept in our heart.