Pizza with the Prophet Activity Day
(by Kristan)

8 Tables set up in Multipurpose Room (1 for each class)
1) 3 and 4 years
2) 5 years
3) 6 years
4) 7 years
5) 8 years
6) 9 years
7) 10 and 11 years old girls
8) 10 and 11 years old boys

Opening Song : Follow The Prophet
Opening Activity: Guess Who? bring pencils (15 minutes)

The teachers bring pictures (number them, so it is easy to find out which picture the children means) of themselves as a baby, and the children will then try to match the adult with the Baby Pictures
Eat Pizza with Prophets ( 20 minutes )
8 Prophets came to visit us (we had asked men from our High Priest Group to dress up and portray a prophet. None of them were fathers of primary children, most were grandpas). A prophet sits at each table and talks and eats with the children. The children ask questions in order to figure out who the Prophet is - cannot ask directly who he is
The prophets were:
  1. Lehi
  2. Nephi
  3. Moses
  4. Noah
  5. Joseph Smith
  6. Brigham Young
  7. David o. McKay
  8. Heleman
Rotate to different stations (10 minutes each station)
A prophet is running each station so that when the children come to that station they can ask the prophets questions Closing Activity: everyone gather in middle of gym

Closing Song : Latter Day Prophets
Closing Prayer :


Refreshments : Cupcakes