Choose the right
(af Conny Hillgaard)


Bring picture # 313 (2000 young )
Make a poster saying: ”My Gospel Standards” + pictures to each standard.
Make an armour and dress a child in it (the children take turns to wear it when your Primary sings ”I’ll be valiant”.
Make a poster with Alma 53:20-21


SING: Tell me the stories of Jesus

Show picture # 313.
Ask the children what they can tell about the picture.
If you bring ”The Book of Mormon in pictures”, you can use that to tell the story.
Help the children to understand WHY these young men's story was brought in the Book of Mormon.

  • They choose in their youth to follow their mothers guideline. The followed the teachings of their mothers.
  • Make the children understand that they to, can make that choice.
  • SING: The army of Helaman

    Say (all) Alma 53:20-21

  • Which qualities must a valiant have? (faithful, courage, obedient, brave ....)
  • We have a song, about being a valiant. Let's sing it.

    SING: I’ll be valiant

    It is important that the Lord can trust us.

  • How can we show that the Lord can trust us? (by being honest, seeking all good things, listen to others, pray...)
  • SING: Choose the right

    To know what to choose, we can get help from ”My Gospel Standards”.

  • How many of you know ”My Gospel Standards”?
  • Can you name some of them? (be prepared to go through them)
  • When you have talked about the poster of ”My Gospel Standards”, put then all the pictures on the black-board or on the table. Let a child come forward. Let the child pick a picture, and let the child try to figure out to which standard it belongs. Continue until all pictures are on the right place.

    SINGE: 3. verse of Nephi's courage.