Activity based on a statement by Prs. Harold B. Lee
(by Dana Hardy)

Thanks for posting this quote. I came up with my sharing time based on it. We are going to talk about taking care of our bodies. We will first talk about feeding your body. I will have a child come up and have him choose a good breakfast. The choice will be some healthy cereal, bread, juice, or some M&M's and some pop. We will do similar role plays for exercise, avoid poisons and scheduling health exams.

Then we are going to switch to taking care of our physical bodies. The categories are Feed your spirit, Exercise your spirit, Avoid Spiritual Poisons, get spiritual check-ups.

We will have a right and wrong choice and a song to go with each category.

For example, for Feed your spirit, the choice will be for the child to read his scriptures for or to read a comic book that his friend loaned him.

Another choice will be go to FHE or stay the night at a friend's house. The third child will choose between Attending his Sunday meetings or attend a Super Bowl party with his ball team.

The song will be The Sacrament

Exercise your spirit will have the song Seek the Lord Early

Avoid spiritual poisons will have the song The Still Small Voice

Spiritual Check-ups will have "I like my Birthdays" because age 8 is when we have an interview with the Bishop.

Harold B. Lee on Maintaining Spiritual Health:

"We have an intellectual side and we have a spiritual side. We take great pains in the training of our physical. We take daily exercises, regular feeding (morning, noon, night, snack before we go to bed and sometimes in between). We avoid getting and falling prey to dangerous bodily poisons. We have periodic physical checkups, see our dentist so many times a year, eyes, teeth, general operations, and so on....

"We must train our spiritual selves with the same care, if we are to be fully developed, as we train our physical bodies. We must have daily exercise by our spirits by prayer, by doing daily good deeds, by sharing with others. We must feed our spirits daily by studying the scriptures every day, by [family home evening], by attendance at Meetings, by the partaking of the sacrament. We must avoid harmful poisons which, spiritually speaking, come when we break one of God's commandments. It is just as poison to our spiritual bodies.... "Poison to our spiritual selves is maybe gained in childhood from bad example by parents, or by leaders, or by reading filthy, obscene literature.... "Our spiritual checkups are when we are brought face-to-face with God's spiritual doctors -- our bishops, our stake presidents, and occasionally with General Authorities in interviews which are always done for the purpose of helping to prepare us for spiritual advancement. Sometimes there have to be, as a result of these interviews, some major operations on our spiritual selves."