“Banana Split”
(Lysa Filcek & April Branson, in MD)

We had trouble getting teachers to come to our meeting as well.
We thought about what would encourage them to come and we came up with food and baby sitting.
We have two to three baby sitters (usually husbands) and some kind of refreshment.

For our last meeting we had ice cream sundaes using the sundae as an object lesson:

  1. banana- base for what child learns in primary before baptism
  2. ice cream- baptism
  3. syrup- Holy Ghost
  4. whipped cream- priesthood
  5. cherry- temple endowment
  6. nuts- sealing to spouse
We had the best turn out ever! We also decided to have the object lesson first, break for 5 minutes so make the sundaes, then return to the meeting so that the teachers wouldn't be late getting home.

Of course we heavily advertise the treats! We also make assignments like prayer, music, someone to bring the ice cream, milk, etc.

Good Luck!