Million Blessings
(by Mike & Mauri)


100 Blessings Jesus was baptized in which river?

Lifeline: When Jesus Christ was Baptized 102

200 Blessings When we repent we try to do better and we pray, then Heavenly Father will help us:

Lifeline: Repentance 98

300 Blessings I become a member of the Church when:

Lifeline: Baptism 100

500 Blessings What did the Savior say about the sacrament?

Lifeline: The Sacrament 72

1000 Blessings If I seek the Lord early, He will help me to know what?

Lifeline: Seek the Lord Early 108

2000 Blessings What did Christ promise he would send to comfort us?

Lifeline: The Holy Ghost 105

4000 Blessings How many prophets do we sing about in "Follow the Prophet"?:

Lifeline: Follow the Prophet 110

8000 Blessings In the song, "Church of Jesus Christ", how will you follow Christ?

Lifeline: The Church of Jesus Christ 77

16000 Blessings In the song, "The Lord Gave Me a Temple", I will keep my spirit:

Lifeline: The Lord Gave Me a Temple 153

32000 Blessings The people in my neighborhood will judge the gospel bad or good by how I act:

Lifeline: The Things I Do 170

64000 Blessings How many times in the song, "Teach Me to Walk in the Light", do we ask, "Teach me"?

Lifeline: Teach Me to Walk in the Light 177

125000 Blessings How many things do we need to do to be the Lord's valiant servants?

Lifeline: I Will Be Valiant 162

250000 Blessings With the commandments we must be what to show we are true:

Lifeline: Keep the Commandments 146

500000 Blessings In the second verse of "I Want to Live the Gospel", what have you learned?

Lifeline: I Want to Live the Gospel

1000000 Blessings In the second verse of "Search, Ponder and Pray", what are three things that happen when we read the scriptures daily?

Lifeline: Search, Ponder, and Pray 109