"Being a Missionary"
by Latu Kinikini

I felt uncomfortable in having to ask the children to bring a grocery item to our activity to wrap up and give to our missionaries as it could be a burden. Some of our children aren't financially able to do so. Instead, I thought about having the children write out their testimonies on blank lined paper which they would paste in the Book of Mormons that will be donated to us by our missionaries with their class pictures on it. We had already taken class pictures of our primary earlier this year so we don't need to retake them.

After that we thought about having a scripture scavenger hunt where the children could use their scriptures of course. Look up the following scriptures to figure out what you need to find.

The next activity we thought would be also fun for the children:

We were going to have the children split up into teams and play dressing up as missionaries. The first person in each team to begin would run to the end of the cultural hall where we will have clothes hanging on those portable coat racks and they would have to put on every item of clothing that missionaries normally wear on a day to day basis: white shirt, tie, suit coat and pants, socks, shoes, trench coat, backpack, umbrella. Once every item is worn they would have to run back to their team and quickly have the next team member wear them and so on and on....

For refreshments we thought of having apple cider/milk/or hot chocolate with doughnuts or some type of bakery. As a giveaway I came up with the idea of giving each a child a miniature missionary type tag which is simply labeled "Future Missionary" to take home.