(CS 162) I'll be Valiant
(by Liz Ozborn, Colorado)


Sing: "We'll Bring the World His Truth" (CS 172)

Picture: Show picture of Stripling Warriors.

Help children understand that these young men were special, not just because the fought in battles or because they were strong, but because of the choices they made.

In the Book of Mormon, Mormon describes these young men with some very special words.

READ Alma 53:20 (Read the verses together).

Tell the children that Mormon used a special word to describe these young men, and it starts with a V(indicate large V).

Invite them to find that word in the verses (Valiant). Valiant means brave, courageous, never-stopping, keep on trying no matter what.

The 2000 stripling warriors were VALIANT in keeping the commandments and covenants of the Lord. That's what made them so very special.

When we sang about the Army of Helaman, I thought, I would like to be as the Army of Helaman, I want to be Valiant for the Lord, just like they were.

Tell the children that if I am valiant, like the 2000 Stripling Warriors,

(sing alone) "The Lord can Depend On Me!"

Invite the children to sing that phrase with you (you may wish to have the children indicate themselves by pointing their thumbs at their chests as they sing this phrase).

Now, to be valiant sometimes means taking a stand: doing what is right no matter what everyone else is doing. Listen as I sing for the two things Valiant Servants of the Lord will Stand for. Stand up when you hear them.

Sing: Have children stand at "I'll stand for truth, I'll stand for right."

Indicate to them to join you in singing "The Lord can depend on me!"

Good! Have children sing those phrases, then have them sit back down.

We will be Valiant Servants!

Listen for who needs us to be Valiant Servants.

Put your hand on your heart when you hear who needs us. Don't forget to stand and sing when we get to that part.

Sing song again, putting your hand on your heart at "The Lord Needs."

Remind children to sing at end the part they already know. Let the children know they had their hands up at the right place.

Have them sing that phrase alone.

Join me in the parts you know as I sing the song again.

Hold up your fingers 1,2,3 as you hear the three things the Lord needs us Valiant Servants to do.

(Sing, holding fingers up at "To do his work in the latter days" "Who follow the teachings of Jesus," and "Serve his people in a loving way.")

Choose a child to tell you one of the three things, sing his/her answer back as you nod approval, and invite the children to sing that phrase back to you.

Sing all three 'needs us to do' phrases, and go on to "I will be his servant, and keep my cov'nants valiantly."

What covenant have we been learning about all year? (Baptismal Covenant)

Sing with me how you will keep your baptismal covenant!

("I will be his servant, and keep my cov'nants valiantly.") Continue, indicating to the children to stand, to the end of the song.

Now let's put it all together! (sing entire song)

Visual Aid: Tell the children: What an exciting song! It makes me want to go out and do all I can to keep my Baptismal Covenant Valiantly. And here are some ways we can do just that (hold up the copy of "My Gospel Standards").