How will keeping my baptismal covenant help me follow Jesus throughout my life?
(by Pia Koch)

Prepare ahead of time:


Bring a bowl of water, and talk/ask about the different things we can do wrong.

  • Each time a suggestion is made, put a drop of colour in the water.
  • Talk about that when we are baptized all our sins are washed away, and we are clean again.
  • Put bleach in the water. (it will become clean again).
  • SING: When I'm baptized.

    Show the salt!

    Tell: Many years ago, when there was no refrigerator - meat could not just lay around. So it was salted - and then hang up. That way nothing would be wasted.
  • How do we keep in touch with out heavenly Father and Jesus?
  • How can tell how salt taste like?
  • In the same way the salt adds flavour to the food we eat, and make it taste better, we can make the world a better place to live, when we try to live like our heavenly Father and Jesus wants us to - and have taught us.

    SING: Choose the right.

    Ask the children to raise their hands every time they hear the word “do” in the following scripture.

    Read: 3. Nephi 27:21-22

    SING: chorus of Nephi's courage!

    Show a picture of Prs.. Spencer W. Kimball

    SING: Seek the Lord Early

    Play “follow the leader”. (play a couple a times or as many times as time allows)

    Read 2. Nephi 31:10

  • How can we follow Jesus? (by keeping his commandments)
  • SING: Keep the commandment. 1 verse

    Address those children who do not know where you live. Ask them to imagine that they were going to get something from your home.

    Show a picture of the PRE-EXISTENCE (you can find one in “Gospel Art Kit”)

    SING: Alle har boet i himlen engang


    When Heavenly Father planed for us to depart, he wanted us to return to live with him again. He knew we would have to make the right decisions, in order to come back to him. And that by CTR we would find happiness. Therefore he gave us commandments.

    SING: Keep the commandment. (2nd verse)

    Put up road signs with commandments on. Talk about them.