A prophet speaks what the Lord wants us to know!
(adapted after an idea from the internet)


To this activity you will need pictures of the following Church presidents:

Show pictures of different latter-day prophets and talk of their counsel to members of the Church.

The prophet JOSEPH SMITH was asked by Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ not to join any church ~ later he restored the church. How much can you remember about what happened when he went out to pray?

SING: I belong to the church.... (CS 77)

The prophet BRIGHAM YOUNG asked the Saints to move west, so they could be safe and prosper. He asked them to sell their homes and furniture and take only the essentials with them. If you had been a member of the Church then, what would you have done? What would you have brought with you?

SING: Pioneer Children sang as they walked (CS 214)

President LORENZO SNOW asked the Saints to pay a full tithing. What will you do with your money? Is it always easy to pay tithing? How did the early Saints pay tithing?

SING: I want to give the Lord my tenth (CS 150)

President SPENCER W. KIMBALL told Latter-day Saints to plant a garden. If you had been a member of the Church when he was the prophet, what would you
have done?

SING: The prophet said to plant a garden (CS 237)

President EZRA TAFT BENSON told Church members that God was not pleased with them because they had not been reading and using the Book of Mormon enough. What did the righteous Latter-day Saints at that time do? How much should we read in the scriptures?

SING: Mother tell me the story (CS 204) or Book of Mormons Stories (CS 118)

The prophet HOWARD W. HUNTER asked members of the Church to make the temple a symbol of their membership in the Church. How can you do this? How many temples have you seen? Where were they located? How old must one be before being able to enter the temple?

SING: I love to see the Temple (CS 95)

President GORDON B. HINCKLEY asked Latter-day Saints to help the Church save money by taking turns cleaning our Church buildings. When it is your family's turn to clean up, what will you do?

SING: Keep the commandments (CS 146)