What do you know about what the church teaches?
(by Robin Segovia Perry, Georgia Ward)

Each question cards I made on a half sheet of paper sized and "laminated" them with clear contact paper.

Each card had their category on one side and the other side I used double stick tape to adhere the question. I adhered the questions after I "laminated" so they questions could be changed based on the theme of the year.

I made a huge dice out of a 12 X 12 approx. sized box. My box was not quite square 12 X 11 1/2 but did not make a difference. I spray painted the box black, cut out white circles, used double stick tape to adhere white circles to box and then covered with clear contact. The box got a little crushed on the corners but held up rather well.

We are planning on using this game on the 5th Sunday during the upcoming year. We had the missionaries come in to be helpers for the junior primary.
Common knowledge  Gospel in action Prophet Singing time Valiant Temple Scriptures
The New Testament Book of Mormon The Old Testament Church history Prophet Valiant Temple
Singing time The New Testament Book of Mormon The Old Testament Gospel in action Prophet Singing time
Valiant Temple The New Testament Book of Mormon The Old Testament Church history Prophet
Scriptures Valiant Temple Singing time The New Testament Book of Mormon Common knowledge 

 My experience with this game (Conny Hillgaard):

I made the category cards a little different than Segovia did, but still on a half sheet of paper BUT with a picture beside the text. This made it easy for the younger children to know which category we had landed on. Afterwards I laminated all the papers. I then hung some notes down from the sealing. On the back of them, I wrote different songs (those from the list below). When we landed on “singing time” a child came forward a choose a note. We then sang the song written on the backside.

Before we started the game, one child noticed: There is not a card saying: “goal”. I said: no, because we will never be done learning.

I like this game, because we have both junior- and senior primary together. When junior primary children can't focus anymore they can be excused. BUT: they stayed the whole time... We came through the game board twice. It took about 40 minutes.

The children LOVED this game, and so did the adults - they wanted to go on playing.

I hope you will gain as much from this game as I have. Use the questions here - or make your own. Many of the questions are also made by Segovia. Thanks again Segovia for making such a great game.

Conny Hillgaard.

What time are missionaries supposed to get up in the morning? 6:30
What is a female missionary called? Sister
When can a young man become a teachers in the Aaronic priesthood? 14 year
When can a young man become a deacon in the Aaronic priesthood? 12 year
What are the first three levels of priesthood? deacon, teacher, priest
How much tithing must you pay of 10 dollars? 1 dollar
What do teachers in the Aaronic priesthood do each Sunday? bless the sacrament 
What are the special promises called that man makes with God? covenants 
What is another name for Sunday? Sabbath
What do we use, when we bless sick people? olive oil
What do we call the 2 women who come to visit our mothers each month? visiting teachers 
What is the proper name for the Mormon Church? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
What is another name for the President of the Church? prophet
How many apostles are there in a quorum? 12
Which church did Christ tell Joseph Smith to join? none
What does LDS stand for? Latter Day Saints 
What do we call the two men who visit our family each month? home teachers
What are the first level of priesthood? deacon
Within which priesthood can the offices of Elder, Seventy and High Priest be found? Melchizedek Priesthood 
What Aaronic priesthood office has the authority to baptize? priest
What did President Kimball say we should write in daily? diary
Which level of the priesthood must a young man have to bless the sacrament?  priest
What enables us to right our wrongs? The Holy Ghost
What are the 4 parts to prayer?
  • we address our Heavenly Father
  • we thank Him
  • we ask Him
  • we close in the name of Jesus Christ
Which 3 letters is on the ring you can receive when you are 8 years old? CTR

What appeared as a sign after the Great Flood? a rainbow
On which continent was The Garden of Eden? America
How many persons in the Godhead has a body? 2 (God and Jesus)
In whose image did God create man? his own
Who did God cast out of Heaven even though he was one of his outstanding sons? Lucifer
How many commandments were on the tables of stone Moses got on mount Sinai? 10
Where did the stone hit that David flung at Goliath? in the forehead 
Who were the parents of Cain and Abel? Adam and Eve
What is the beautiful place the Lord made as a first home to Adam and Eve? Garden of Eden
What city had walls that came tumbling down when Joshua and his army gave a loud shout? Jericho
What is the name of the Sea Moses crossed, called to day? The same: The Read Sea
What did the Lord create on the first day of creation? light
What kind of bird brought an olive branch back to Noah on the ark? a dove (Genesis 8:8-12)
Who tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? Lucifer
What old testament prophet was told by the Lord to sacrifice his son as a test of faith? Abraham
What was the food from Heaven that the Israelites found on the ground each morning? manna
What kind of leaves did Adam and Eve cover their bodies with? fig leaves (Genesis 3:7)
How many people were saved on the ark of Noah? 8 people
What did God create on the sixth day of the creation? man
What present did Joseph receive from his father Jacob which made his brothers jealous? a coat 
From what tree were Adam and Eve forbidden to eat? the tree of knowledge of good and evil 

What was the crown made of that was placed on Christ's head when he was crucified? thorns
After Christ healed the lepers how many returned to thank him? one
What was used by Christ for the sacrament instead of water? wine
Who was Jesus mother? Maria
Who was the first person to be resurrected? Jesus
What was Jesus wrapped in when he was born? swaddling clothes
Who gave the sermon on the mount? Jesus
In the sacrament what represents Christ's blood? the water
Where was Jesus laid when he was born? in a manger
Who was the ten virgins to meet at midnight in the parable of the 10 virgins? the bridegroom (Christ)
How many days did Jesus fast? 40 days
What 3 gifts were presented to Jesus by the wise men? gold, and frankincense, and myrrh
To what group of people did the angels first tell of the Savior's birth? the shepherds
What priesthood did John the Baptist hold? The Aaronic Priesthood
In the sacrament what represents Christ's body? the bread
How many persons of flesh and bones are there in the Godhead? 2 (God and Jesus)
After Jesus was resurrected did He have a real body that a person could feel? yes

What is the name of the meeting that the men go to each Sunday? priesthood meeting
What do we show when we sit still and quietly in church? reverence
Where did the wise man build his house? upon a rock
What do we call relatives way back in our family line? ancestors 
What shall you choose if you have a choice between right or wrong? chose the right (CTR)
What shall a member receive before she/he can say that the church is true? a testimony
What did Joseph Smith do to the plates so we could understand them? he translated them
Who receive revelation on behalf of the church? the prophet
Who was the first president of the church? Joseph Smith
What saved the pioneers crops from the crickets? seagulls 
Name the 3 degrees of glory? Celestial, Terrestrial, Telestial
What do we call it, when God is speaking to his prophet? revelation
To what question did Joseph Smith seek an answer when he received his first
which church was true
Who presented golden plates to Joseph Smith? the angel Moroni
What were the small wagons called that the pioneers pulled across the plains? handcart
What kind of fuel did pioneer children gather for the evening fires? wood
Where are the Church headquarters? Salt Lake City
After baptism a person is confirmed by the laying on of what? laying on of hands
Who is our bishop? (name your bishop)
Who is known as our elder brother? Jesus Christ
What do elders have the power to do to sick people? heal them
What can we read in James 1:5? (read it)
Which arm is raised to the square by a priesthood holder performing a baptism? right arm

What is the shortest book in the book of Mormon? Jacob
Who had a dream in which he saw a tree, an iron rod and a river?  Lehi
The Bible and Book of Mormon are witnesses of whom? Jesus Christ
What was the name of the Mormon Army that marched to California? Mormon Battalion 
Are elephants mentioned in the Book of Mormon? yes (Ether 9:19)
Are horses mentioned in the Book of Mormon? yes
Who said "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God?" King Benjamin
Were the nail prints still in the Savior's hands when he appeared to the Nephites ? yes
How many of the 2000 stripling warriors were killed? none
What 2 persons appeared to Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove? God the Father and Jesus Christ
Which military leader led 2000 stripling warriors? Helaman
What did the people hold on to in Lehi's dream in order to stay on the straight and narrow path? the iron rod
What represented the word of God in Lehi's dream? the iron rod
What was the name of the 2 sons born to Lehi and Sariah in the dessert?  Jacob and Josef
Who preached from a city wall to the nephrites?  Samuel the Lamanite
What great king gave his speech from a tower? King Benjamin
Who saw the Lords finger, while building a ship? Jared's brother
Who cut of arms of thief's while he watched over King Lamoni's sheep?  Ammon
Who did King Noah command to be burned? Abinadi
Did any people in the Book of Mormon se Christ? yes

Who is our current prophet? President Hinckley
What prophet was swallowed by a great fish for 3 days? Jonah (Jonah 1:17)
Who had brothers named Laman and Lemuel? Nephi 
Who did Moroni give the plates to? Joseph Smith
What did Moses turn his staff into when he confronted Pharaoh? a snake
Who brought the 10 commandments down from the mountain? Moses
Who is this prophet? (Show picture of Joseph Smith)
How many Prophets has the church had? 15
Who is this prophet? (Show picture of President Hinckley)
Who is this prophet? (Show picture of President Brigham Young)
Who is this prophet? (Show picture of President David O. McKay)
Who was thrown in the lion's den? Daniel
Who saw the Lord in a "burning bush"? Moses
Who saw the first rainbow? Noah
Whose life was saved as a baby when he was found hidden in the bulrushes by Pharaoh's daughter? Moses
What swallowed Jonah? En big fish 

When Jesus Christ was Baptized (CS102)  
I like My Birthdays (CS104)  
The Church of Jesus Christ (CS77)  
Seek the Lord Early (CS108)  
The Still Small Voice (CS106)  
The Holy Ghost (CS105)  
Let the Holy Spirit Guide (Hymns 143)  
The Sacrament (CS 72)  
I Will Be Valiant (CS 162)  
We Listen to a Prophet's Voice (Hymns 22)  
The Sixth Article of Faith (CS 126)  
We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet (Hymns 19)  
Keep the Commandments (CS 146)  
Follow the Prophet (CS110)  
Latter-day Prophets (CS134)  
Stand for the Right (CS 159)  
Quickly I'll Obey (CS197)  
Our Primary Colours (CS 258)  
In the Leafy Treetops (CS240 )  
The World is So Big (CS 235)  
What do we call songs we sing in the church? hymns
Which Primary song do you like the most?  
What instrument is played most often at church? organ
Name the group that sings from Temple square each Sunday? The Tabernacle Choir 
I am a Child of God (CS 2)  
A Child's Prayer (CS 12)  
Nephi's Courage (CS 120)  
Love One Another (CS 136)  
I'll Walk with You (CS 140)  
Teach Me to Walk in the Light (CS 177)  

Who testifies the Bible and The Book of Mormon about? Jesus Christ
Who has atoned for the sins of all mankind? Jesus Christ
What is the common name of the commandment that tells us to abstain from tobacco liquor and coffee? Word of Wisdom
In what town was Jesus born? Bethlehem
How often is fast Sunday? Once a month
What did Jesus work with?  carpentry
What member of the Godhead can we receive help from when we are confirmed as menbers? The Holy Ghost 
What can every worthy male member of the church over 12 receive? the Priesthood
In what river was Jesus baptized? The River of Jordan 
What are the first principles and ordinances of the gospel? faith, repentance, baptism
Which part of the sacrament is blessed first? bread
Which arm is raised when we sustain someone? right
Who tempted Jesus on a mountain? Lucifer
Why did Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem? to be taxed
What great king gave his speech from a tower? King Benjamin
What word means to go without food and drink? fasting
How many tribes of Israel are there? 12 tribes
Who rolled away the stone from the front of Jesus' tomb? an angle
In what section of the D & C do we find the Word of Wisdom? D & C 89
Whose wife was turned into a pillar of salt? Lot
From what direction did the wise men come who followed the star of Bethlehem? from the east

Who showed himself before Joseph Smith and gave him permission to baptize?  John the Baptist
What is the name of our ward? (name your ward)
What is the name of our stake? (name your stake)
What does CTR stand for? Choose The Right
What organization do the 8-12 year old boys belong to and participate in for weeknight activities? scouts
What colour do we wear when we are baptized? white
How old do you have to be to be baptized? 8 year
What is the name of the church magazine for children? Friend
What is the name of the church magazine for adults? Ensign
What is the first half of the Bible called? The Old Testament
What is the second half of the Bible called? The New Testament
What does D & C stand for? Doctrine and Covenants
What meeting do we attend as a family on Sunday? Sacrament meeting
What is the water of the sacrament an emblem of? Jesus blood
In which priesthood do we find Deacons? Aaronic Priesthood

What temple is this?  (Show a picture of the Arizona Temple)
What temple is this?  (Show a picture of the Kirtland Temple)
What temple is this?  (Show a picture of the temple nearest your place...)
What temple is this?  (Show a picture of the Salt Lake Temple)
Where did Jesus go at the age 12, with his parents?  to the temple
What kind of baptism do we perform in the temple?  baptism for the dead
What colour do temple clothes have? white
What famous building has 6 spires and is made of granite? Salt Lake Temple 
What is the card called that enables us to get into the temple? a temple recommendation 
Which covenant is for time and all eternity? marriage covenant
What is the statue of Moroni on top of the temples doing? blowing a trumpet 
What in the temple is done by immersion?  baptism for the dead