What shall I choose?
(Denise in AZ)

Show the apple and the lemon, and talk about how they smell and taste. Cut one of each in half and walk around and let a few smell them.

What are some words that describe the taste of an apple/lemon?

The decisions we make have consequences that either taste like an apple (sweet) or a lemon (bitter). Heavenly Father has given us standards to live by and if we make our decisions following these standards we will always taste apples.

We are doing a mini sharing time on Sunday, because we need extra time to work on our music. CSMP coming up, ya know. Juniors, especially, still struggle. Anyway, here is what we will be doing...

First, I will talk about the Gospel Standards a bit (Jr.'s aren't as familiar with them as the Sr.'s are).

I will have a picture of a tree on the board (big) with 10 apples on it. A child will choose an apple and I'll read what's on the back.

I made 2 little signs for each child -- an apple with a happy face, and a lemon with a frowny face. These are on popsicle sticks. For each situation, they will hold up the apple or the lemon. Then they will have to guess which Gospel Standard it is referring to (I chose 5 our kids seem to need, a good and bad example for each one). Then we put the apple into a basket for the keepers and the "trash" for the others. Get it?

Here are the questions (real life examples I've observed in our primary)