"Six Honest Serving men" 

Do you know the poem "Six Honest Serving men" by Rudyard Kipling? The first four lines of it can be used as the outline for a presentation of almost anything.

I keep six honest serving men;
(They taught me all I knew)
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

So, you take any topic (though some are easier to do this with than others), and you use the Six Honest Serving men to discuss it. For instance, with the commandment, "remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy"...

What: Sabbath observance...some things are good to do on Sunday (and some are not); make a list of good and bad; at this point you define what it means to "keep the Sabbath holy"

Why: because the Lord himself rested on the seventh day after the creation of the world, because the Sabbath day commemorates the resurrection, etc.
SING: Keep the commandments

When: Sunday, of course. But we have to prepare some things on other days if we want to be able to keep the Sabbath holy, such as doing our shopping on Saturday.
SING: "Saturday"

How: (have the children help you make a list of how to keep the Sabbath day holy... things such as attend our church meetings, study scriptures). You could sing SING: "When I Go to Church."

Where: church, home (discuss how to keep Sabbath holy at home)

Who: everybody should; what about the people who don't?

Some of the "serving men" have easy, short answers and some require more explanation. Songs could be added at almost every "serving man."