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If you can get a good bargain on some mugs this is a GREAT teacher gift: stuff an envelope of hot chocolate inside a mug. Tied w/gold curly ribbon a chocolate spoon to each mug. Maybe you can attach a poem also ~ sprayed it with gold glitter.



Last year we gave stamped gift bags with 4 packets of hot cocoa mix and four chocolate dipped (plastic) spoons with crushed candy cane sprinkled on (before they set up). On the outside we tied this note and a cute snowman graphic.


Poem to a teacher:

Did you ever compare your Primary service to silverware?

All silverware is made to serve, but the different pieces serve in different ways.

Forks stab: "This is mine," they say. Bits of meat, carrots, and pickles.

Knives cut: "Too big," says the knife. Slice, cut, chop, dice.

However, spoons serve: cereal, soup, peas... all the impossible foods can be handled comfortably from the smooth bowl of the spoon.

Spoons say: "Here, let me help you. We can manage together."

Thank you for being on of the "spoons" in our Primary organization!

author unknown