The Primary Sandwich ~
A Leadership Meeting Presentation 
(by Shannon Anderson of Middleton, Idaho)

"The primary sandwich," is very cute and invites a warm atmosphere and spirit of "oneness" within the primary. We made our presentation, then divided into groups according to which counselor was over that position. The entire meeting lasted about one hour, so it was perfect for us.



Our invitations had a picture of a sandwich on the front with:

LETTUCE SANDWICH in time for a Primary Board Meeting!

Inside included:

You will need (This can get a little expensive, but I found that it is worth it.):

Loaves of Bread. I used French bread loaves cut down the middle.

As "The Primary Sandwich" is read by the President, the Counselors make the sandwich. As each item was introduced and talked about, they put it on the sandwich.

The Primary Sandwich

Almost everyone enjoys that special time of day when we all come together for a special activity-mealtime! And what makes mealtime special? Sandwiches! But not just any sandwich...a Primary Sandwich!

(BREAD-show long bun or loaf)

With today's hectic lifestyle, does our diet often consist of too many sandwiches? Sandwiching in time for families, neighbors, housework, and even time for Primary? (Primary lessons, Primary activity days, class presentations)? Are your sandwiches mostly two slices of stale bread and a soggy pickle? Sandwiches can be unique, ranging from French Dip to Peanut Butter. And if well planned, they can be part of a well-balanced meal. Our Primary sandwich is both unique and well-balanced. It is socially stimulating, yet nutritious for our spiritual growth. We would like to show you how to make one.

(SPREAD) Primary workers have all kinds of spreads, but we mustn't spread ourselves too thin. Let's use our spread wisely: spread the praise, spread the opportunities, spread the love, spread the activities, and in doing so, spread the blessings.

(CHEESE) And what about the BIG CHEESE? Too much responsibility and too little support can be depressing. Several types of cheese give a sparkle to the overall flavor of the sandwich. Learn to use all the members of the class in every way. If we use the talents and enthusiasm of all the members of our class (including the less active children!) we will surely come up with some sharp cheeses!

(TOMATO) Don't procrastinate. Do things today. Why put things off until TOMATO when you could do them today? This includes preparing lessons, calling members of your class, and contacting less active children with a call, note or visit. It needs to be done now. (SALT)

Sometimes things just seem urrgh. That's the time we need to add savior salt. Primary workers are the salt of the earth, but if we have lost our desire to serve, we have lost our savior. We find ourselves only be losing ourselves in the service of others.

(MEATS) Don't be a TURKEY and CHICKEN out. BEEF up your callings with enthusiasm and humor. A little BOLOGNA and a little HAM can pull you through even the most difficult challenges you may face.

(MUSTARD AND KETCHUP) Mustard up the time and courage to be truly dedicated to this great and exciting work. KETCHUP on your scripture reading and assignments. We must not let apathy get in the way of our personal spiritual progress.

(PICKLES) Don't get yourself into a PICKLE. Use all of your available resources to fulfill the needs of your calling and the needs of the children you serve. Expand your horizons and take stock of your stewardship.

(LETTUCE) LETTUCE have unity throughout our Primary. Lettuce garnish our program with love, sincerity, and support for one another.

(TOOTHPICKS) Now, let's secure our sandwich with some solid TOOTHPICKS of prayer. We need Heavenly Father's help to do His work and teach the children. Each of us is entitled to receiving His inspiration in our callings.

(OLIVES) OLIVES top off a good sandwich with something special. Let's strive to do a top job in our callings and strive to live eternal principles. Then we can OLIVE happily together.

(CHIPS) CHIPS always seem to go good with sandwiches. And when the chips are down, we know you'll always come through. If you want more, give more. Work harder, pray more sincerely and learn to sacrifice for others. We are on the Lord's errand, and we must not fail Him-these children are too precious!

(PUNCH) Sometimes we need to put more PUNCH into our schedule to make the time we have more productive.

(KNIFE) In CUTTING this short...Remember: A sandwich is just a sandwich, but a Primary Sandwich-it's a meal!