(Elaine Del Bello)

We set up simple props in the corners of our room, and had the children sit on the floor in front of them, one corner at a time. This year, I think we will have them stay in their chairs, and move the scenery itself. Also, last year we served a "snack" and had a treat for them to take home (resurrection rolls: take any bread dough, wrap it around a big marshmallow, and bake it. As it bakes, the marshmallow melts and leaves a hollow space inside the roll.) I think we're doing that again this year.

I will give you guys the songs we are using and our ideas for scenery, but you can decide for yourself what you want to say. (See scriptural references at the end.) We are tying this in with the second   weekly theme from the outline, "I will Always Remember Him".

Sing: "He Sent His Son," p.34

The Last Supper/the origin of the sacrament: use a table, tablecloth, a pitcher, a bowl with some bread, a picture of the Last Supper. (NOTE: we will probably have a generic backdrop for these scenes, and will change it for the last part.)

(Here's where we may serve a snack - a half slice of French bread and a small dixie cup of white grape juice.)

Sing: "The Sacrament," p. 72

Gethsemane: borrow any   trees from your ward building, bring potted plants from home, also rocks, real or fake (I believe you can make fake rocks by tearing up large pieces of foam and then spray painting them.)

Also, a picture of the Savior in Gethsemane.

Sing: "Love One Another," p. 136

Calvary: I used a pillow or two and a blanket to cover them to make a hill, two small pieces of wood lashed together to represent a cross, and a picture of the Savior between two thieves on the cross.

Sing: "To Think About Jesus," p. 103

The Tomb (burial): I stood a box on end, draped a big gray sleeping bag around it, and used a pillow with a dark pillow case as my "stone" to roll away. You could also do the same thing with a table, or make a nice cardboard facade & stone. Also, a picture of the tomb, and/or Mary at the empty tomb.

Sing: "Jesus Has Risen," p. 70

The Tomb (resurrection): Talk about resurrection, who Jesus showed himself to, etc.

Sing: "Easter Hosanna," p. 68

The Americas: (change backdrop) We are hoping to have "broken" pillars or "rubble" (spray painted foam or something) representing the great quakes felt here when the Savior was crucified.

Sing: "When He Comes Again," p. 82

Hand out "Resurrection Rolls" to take home. (I attached labels to them which read: "Resurrection Rolls" This bread reminds us of Mary's discovery of Jesus' empty tomb. It is sweet to remind us of the joy of the Savior's resurrection.)

Scriptural References: