Happy Birthday Primary
(by Erika Strong)

(May you make many more great activities like this one.)

Some of you have mentioned that you've had a Happy Birthday Activity Day. We just had ours on Saturday and it was a blast.

We decorated 12 tables for the 12 months of the year, and the children sat at their own birthday month table to eat birthday cake.

Games, older children: Our Primary president them into another room to play "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"

Games, younger children: I did the "Hokey Pokey" with the younger children, followed by a fishing pond (always a big hit) and birthday bingo.

After that, we switched groups and the younger children played "Millionaire" while I entertained the older children.

Pie eating contest: We had a pie eating contest with cheap Hostess type pies cut in half, no hands allowed. Everyone who finished their pie half got a prize.

Balloon stomp: Then, we tied balloons onto our ankles for a balloon stomp. We were going to do charades, but it was time to finish up by then.

For decorations:

I hung up a "calendar topper" for each month, and we cut out paper balloons with each child's name and birthday (teachers, leaders, etc., too). Of course, we decorated with streamers, balloons, etc., too.

We handed out "Happy Birthday from the Primary" cards at the end, with a lollipop attached.

I had some Disney CDs playing in the background throughout the party.

I made a poster that said:

"Guess who celebrated their 122nd birthday last month?”

Write your answer here...

" Of course, somebody wrote the Primary president's name! (The answer: The Primary organization).

Earlier this month, we mailed a postcard to each of our "inactive" children, inviting them to the party. I took pictures, and I'm going to put them on a poster to hang in the Primary room this Sunday. One little girl actually had her 6th birthday on the day of the party, and I think that she thought the whole party was for her! We sang to her! We all had a terrific time!