I thank Thee dear father (CS 7)
(by Sharon Stone)

JUNIOR: We taught them "I thank thee dear father" with visual aids on the board (not in order). They were: Goodness- face looking heavenward

Ask: How many things was I thankful for? Sing it again to allow them to count. Then have the children put the visual aids in the correct order as you sing it again.

Hand out paper and pens and have the children draw one thing they are thankful for. Collect them, and show them one at a time, having the children guess what that child is thankful for (like pictionary). We had to allow some little artists to explain what they had drawn themselves!! When I asked one little sunbeam what she was thankful for (she had drawn a picture of herself) she replied immediately "I'm thankful I'm a child of God". We had some beautiful thoughts expressed yesterday.

End the sharing time with the story of the 10 lepers.

 SENIOR: As above for teaching "I thank thee dear father". Then play a pictionary game. Have strips of paper with different things we could be thankful for: parents, testimonies etc. Each child pulls one out of a box and draws that blessing on the blackboard, while the others try to guess. I told the story of the 10 lepers and encouraged the children to be thankful and grateful for all their blessings.

We finished by learning the descant for the 3rd verse of "I am a child of God" ....rich blessings are in store........

Hope this is of some benefit to anyone.

PS: a sfavorite song of ours is "Give said the little stream"- every time the word 'give' is sung, the children stand, and then sit down for every other word. The children love it. There's a lot of standing and sitting!